5 Of The Most Famous Slavic Madonnas

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The miracles that people experienced due to the prayer in front of their beautiful statues surprise even the ones who are not believers. Apart from the religious aspect, the statues or paintings of Holy Mary are outstanding pieces of art. In front of these beautiful presentations of Virgin Mary people find the answers to the most important questions in their lives,

1. The Feodorovskaya Icon of the Mother of God  – Russia

Famous patron icon of the Romanov family. Her feast days are March 27 and August 29. The Black Virgin Mary of Russia is one of the most venerated icons of this area. There are a few legends related the origins of the icon. One of them says that it is a copy of the icon painted by St Luke. The copy was perhaps prepared as a wedding gift in the medieval times (11th -14th century). The icon is known as generous to the ones who visit it in Resurrection Church on the Lowlands in Kostroma.

2. Our Lady of Medjugorje  – Bośnia and Herzegovina

One of the three of the most famous destinations of Marian pilgrimages in modern Europe. People from around the world come to pray to Our Lady of Medjugorje asking for blessing, healing and solving the problems. Blessed Virgin Mary appeared in 1981 to six children. Although many people claim that they experienced a miraculous healing and other gifts from Our Lady of Medjugorje, the Roman Catholic Church stays unsure. On May 2017 Pope Francis declared that the story claimed by the children is worth studying in more depth.

3. The Black Madonna of Częstochowa – Poland

The monastery in Jasna Góra is the most famous destination of pilgrimages in Poland. The icon of Black Madonna or Our Lady of Jasna Góra dated back to the 14th century attracts thousands of people. The venerated icon started with Pope Clement XI who issued a Canonical Coronation to the image on 8 September 1717. During the World war II, the Nazis believed that Our Lady of Jasna Góra gives such a power to Polish people that they tried to limit the possibilities of seeing the icon. However, many Polish still secretly attended the ceremonies in Czestochowa. One of the secret pilgrims was Karol Wojtyła, John Paul II.

4. Mother Mary of Ilaca – Croatia

Croatian Marian Apparitions of Ilaca were reported in 1865. A shepherd from this area, Petar Lazin, saw the water in the middle of the field road. He was surprised because no rain had fallen for some time. Once he made a hole, water started flowing even more. Soon later Duka Ambrusević, another villager from the same area, saw in his dream the Virgin Mary and a child. She told him that the spring discovered by Petar lies in a place where he must around it. In 1866 people build a small chapel next to the spring and in 1870 the construction of a church began. The church was destroyed during the Croatian War of Independence, but the cult didn’t disappear. Now it is rebuilt and attracts thousands of pilgrims every year.

5. Our Lady of Licheń – Poland

The history of the church and the Marian apparition is dated back to 1813 when a polish soldier fighting under Napoleon near Leipzig was seriously wounded. His name was Tomasz Kłossowski. He invoked Virgin Mary asking her not to let him die in a foreign land. It is believed that she appeared in front of him and promised that he will come back to Poland. Se instructed him to create a special place where people will pray to her. Now the church is one of the largest Christian temples of the world. It is dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows, Queen of Poland. The original icon is dated back to the 18th century and many people claim to experience miracles caused by Our Lady of Licheń.

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