Hilarious Failed “Pokeburgers” from Russian Local Fastfood are Conquering the Internet

In fact they are so hilarious we would actually order few just to taste them

Russia – Not that long ago one Australian businessmen from Sydney got an idea how to profit from Pokemon Go craze. he decided to create poke-burgers at his café Dow N’ Out, it was kind of a big news reported by a lot of newspapers. After seeing this brilliant idea one Russian businessmen from Moscow also decided to launch his own Pokémon Go Burgers.

Now, the thing about this story is the fact they were kind of hilarious. Actually they were so hilarious they reminded us of the “spuderman” comics with retarded versions of superheroes, so in same way we can probably call these burgers something like “Pukeburgers” and these creepy characters as “Pukeman”.

Anyway, these are the Australian Pokeburgers:

Okey, they are cute right?

one Russian wen’t to it’s local grill and found out their Russian version.

….okey wait for it….

These are the Russian “Pukeburgers”:

Makes you wanna eat one right away right? 

Other hilarious Pokémon News:

What do you think?

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