Macedonia as You Never Seen it Before by Photographer Zlatko Lozanoski

Introversion; against the world, towards nature and for Macedonia

Photo © Zlatko Lozanoski

Macedonia – In the world of infinity offered by art, photography is, perhaps one of the loudest instruments to express ideas, views and feelings. Photography as art and profession is complicated and requires learning. However, what most gives power to this virtuosity are the feelings and the sincerity that one photographer expresses through their work.

Zlatko Lozanoski is a Macedonian photographer who lives and works in Kichevo, a city in the western part of Macedonia. Photography is Zlatko’s daily refuge and although obligations and everyday-life sometimes steal his time that could be spent by creating art, he knows how to find a way to return to his hobby and main occupation as if it were his beloved woman.

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The undoubted beauty of Western Macedonia and the location of this photographer’s hometown (Kichevo lies in a valley in the south-eastern slopes of Mount Bistra), allow him to merge the earthly with the intangible and to help people connect with their first home – Mother Nature.


As an introvert and devotee of “the self,” he creates photographs that highlight his views and feelings towards the world, nature and his own being. The world is sometime his home, sometimes the biggest reason to escape, and nature is where this photographer finds the answers for himself and for the other seekers of truth and the reason for our existence.

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When I asked him where does he find inspiration, Zlatko said, “Uh, I don’t know … it’s hard to answer with words. I’m more of an introverted person and I take inspiration from things that maybe aren’t shown by the real world.”


Unconsciously and thinking that he won’t explain well enough with words, Zlatko actually gave a very precise response and definition for his photography. With a modest and simple style, Zlatko Lozanoski perfectly expresses his way of observing the inner, the unknown, the mysterious and the self of one human being.


He touches the essence of existence, he explains the meaning of life and he shows what happens when we merge with nature. Lozanoski subconsciously “speaks” of his individuality and this is best shown in the singularity of the objects / entities that exist in the composition of his photographs.

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An inescapable fact is that his photos depict the human’s conflict with nothingness, emptiness and nihilistic moments. Through some of his works, Zlatko discreetly displays his awareness of the existence of evil and the “dark side” of life.


Fog, dense forests and impassable roads are the unique symbol for life’s challenges, while the people and the animals hidden in the natural environment are the perfect representation of how one individual adapts their introversion among other beings and the world in general.

Love, fascination and respect for woman’s beauty and mysteriousness are also present in the works of this Macedonian photographer.

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