Homeless tour guides in Prague

Everybody who stay in Prague and try to search something unusual should try tour with homeless. This is real tour when you will visit different parts of Prague. This tour is not only about history and the most interesting places as usual. Here you will see real city and real life of homeless in Prague.

During your tour you will be all the time guide by person who is homeless and lives on the street. Don’t worry because these people have special training how to manage tour. You will learn how is it to live on the street and what was the reason for them. They will tell their story and during that time will show you places which are important for them because they experienced something there. This tour takes around two hours and it will realize in every weather. Great is that you don’t need to go with a big group but you can enjoy it as a private tour.


In Prague is only one tour company which offer this unusual experience. Company is called ,,Pragulic” and now they have nine person as a tour guide. They are about 6 years on the market so they have enough experience and you can be sure that they offer high quality of their service. When you choose person with who you will go, so first is good to read their description, because each of them has different life story and each of them has different way of tour. You can also required for translator if you require another language then Czech.

This is not only tour company but social center where they try to help people who were not so lucky in their life. People who has lost family, friends, job and unfortunately their home. For money which you will pay for this tour they will get salary and also another benefits. This is way for that people how to get back normal life. There are also many others way howto help them. You can buy some of their t-shirt as a gift. They offer also different type of services as a team building, homeless challenge which is program especially for young people. Is very well known that homeless are able to survive in very difficult conditions. Because of that reason they made this special program where young people will try to learn how to live in harmony with Earth. The main aim is to promote education in the areas of social awareness, sustainability and ecology.

Especially for people who think that is not so hard to be homeless is program called ,,24 hours without your home”. During this 24 hours you will try to live on the street. Everything start that you will submit your clothes, money, phone, everything. You will get their ,,special” homeless clothes. During these 24 hours you should earn some money, get some food and finally find some place where will you sleep. It is only up to you if you will scrounge or try to find something to sell and if you will find food in a garbage can.

Even it sounds little bit dangerous so don’t worry, they have many years experience and they will not take you to some dangerous place. This is really strong experience how to be thankful for everything we have. On the other side you can see here how people can enjoy every minute of their life and be happy for ,,everything” they have. They can live in any conditions and still enjoy their life. After tour you can also give them some tip as a thanks for their work and also help for their life situation.

This is definitely one of the strongest experience how to enjoy Prague. You can see Prague by different eyes and also get lots of new information. So if you are bored of traditional sight seeing tour so lets buy ticket and visit less known parts of Prague.

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