How Croatian Rodnovers Celebrated Jarilo

What you’re about to see is how Slavic pagans used to celebrate pagan ceremonies in honor of spring deity, to all Slavs known as Jarilo. In folklore how the tradition survived till today the festivity is also modernized, however this group of young Rodnovers decided to celebrate it in a more autochthonous or should we say Slavic pagan way. Celebration of this festival dedicated to Jarilo is quite widespread among all Slavs, on example among some Eastern Slavs the celebration was called literally Jarilo, while among south Slavs it’s known as Jurjevo.

However, in this case we bring you some photos of how did this celebration look like in Croatia thanks to this group. This celebration happened on 25.-26. April this year, on mountain Učka in Croatia, and all what we can add is that it certainly helped to bring this festivity on a next level as far as atmosphere. More info: Facebook | Website |

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