How did Bosnia lose almost a million of its citizens?

It’s hard to hide so many people, so this is what really happened

thalespaz (CC0), Pixabay

Sarajevo, Bosnia – It’s hard to imagine where one could hide 845,874 inhabitants, this is also a question that many Bosnians ask themselves. Almost three years have passed from the census in Bosnia and Herzegovina to the present day publication of its official results. Data that was gathered in 2013. was finally presented to the media and general population few days ago.

It would be little to say that everyone was rather surprised after seeing the results, because according to the new population census Bosnia is on it’s way to become new Slovenia, as far as citizen numbers go. They calculated that Bosnia from 1991 to 2013 lost more than 845,874 inhabitants.

It is the first census in BiH after the one in 1991 conducted for the former Yugoslavia, before Bosnia was devastated by a terrible war that left behind about 100,000 people dead and irreversibly divided the country that still operates on the basis of the Dayton Agreement. Dayton creators probably never imagined that this document would still be valid even after 20 years from it’s signing.

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