How To Enjoy Camping In The Czech Republic?

Camping – favourite activity of Czech people

As in the world also in the Czech Republic camping is very popular. The reason is maybe because camping is the cheapest type of accommodation. You can choose from around 500 campsites which are located in the Czech Republic. Mostly they are located in attractive tourist places in the heart of nature where is the possibility of natural swimming, mushrooming or fishing, and also in places with many cycling and hiking terrains. For many people, camping is part of they lifestyle. They are attracted in stay in immediate contact with nature, activities for children, learning about other people or freedom of travel at all. Camping is kind of way how to enjoy activities with your povely person. Nowadays camps offer lot of services how to make you more comfortable and enjoy it also with small children.

Most camps you can find in the south of Bohemia, in the vicinity of Prague or in the Bohemian Forest. On the contrary, relatively few of them are in the Pilsen region or in Central Moravia, but also there its possible to stay in the heart of the nature. Camps in the Czech Republic offers standard accommodation in addition to accommodation under the tents, respectively providing space for camping, and accommodation in cabins with or without accessories, luxuriously and standardly equipped with bungalows so it is only up to you which type will you choose. Here are some tips where to go camping.

Mácha Lake


The landscape around Macha Lake has been popular with visitors since time immemorial. You cant miss that romantic atmosphere, mysterious ravines, extraordinary rock formations and above all, the vast water surface. These are the main attractions of this area. Visitors can spend the day not only on the beach by the lake, but they can also visit many natural and cultural monuments – for example, the ruins of medieval castles – Bezděz , Houska, amazing Kokořín or Lemberk. In addition, the surrounding area is surrounded by a dense network of cycle paths and hiking trails so you can choose which activity is better for you neforemné you will chill close to the lake.

South Bohemia and Bohemian Forest

There you can find countless ponds and camping sites in South Bohemia. The most popular is the Lipno reservoir, where you can find rich offer of water sports. Lipno is also the largest camping area in the region. Also lovers of hiking and cycling will enjoy it here because the surroundings of Lipno offer hundreds of hiking and cycling trails. A variety of sports activities are also available on site. There are also many historical monuments, for example, Český Krumlov, which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Thanks to its natural conditions, Šumava is one of the most popular tourist areas in the Czech Republic. In addition to the traditional possibilities for hiking, biking, agrotourism or tourism aimed at learning about historical attractions and traditions. Here is also big offer of other forms of recreation such as fishing, hunting and Czech favourite activity – mushrooming.

South Moravia

One of the most favourite and attractive area of South Moravia where you can find place for camping is the Vranov Dam.


Also for lovers of hiking and cycling there are interesting places where can also take advantage of the marked trails through the Podyjí National Park, which extends to Austrian territory. For history you can also visit in this area Vranov Castle or Bítov Castle.

The second known tourist area of South Moravia is Pálava which is very well known because of wine. This is the warmest and almost driest area in the Czech Republic. The Nové Mlýny Reservoir does not offer only opportunities for swimming but also many types of water sports. Also here are some historical monuments where you can go for trip as a well-known Lednice-Valtice area which is in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Eastern Bohemia

This region is special because of several water reservoirs with many campsites. One of them is a camp by the dam Seč or by the water reservoir Rozkoš which is near Česká Skalice. Recently, Eastern Bohemia has become very attractive for visitors from the Czech Republic but also abroad. It offers numerous opportunities for swimming, water sports, hiking and cycling.

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