How traditional Slavic clothing was made

In this small but colorful village on the bank of the river there still exists a factory which continues the tradition of old craftsmanship, or should we say tailoring. Well, there is no real continuity in it’s history as in year 1927 it was converted into a communist owned factory with appointed managers that mass produced. They even used the old machinery from long ago. So now here Dmitriy is taking a tour around and we can see the photos thanks to his effort. via(source)

Locals at the factory say this place is a local point of interest preserving the tradition of crafting, said Dmitry, and are pretty much aware of its existence obviously.

Those old looms, almost as artifacts, help us to produce traditionally ornamented Slavic apparel.


The most used colors, as usual with anything Slavic, are red and white.


That’s how a typical workplace looks like.


No external mechanical force is being applied, just handcrafting with man (women) power.


Dmitry said he would probably ruin all those threads if he was allowed to try weaving.


On end you get these beautiful products:


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