Czech Prachov Rocks – Amazing Photographs That Will Remind You Of Skyrim

Prachov Rocks are not very large, but full of beautiful views on the shire, full of ravines, chines, lonely sandstone towers, pins, gullets and many other shapes of rocks which you can imagine. Mainly it is a great place for climbers and tourists. There is also a pond. Prachov Rocks are a national natural reservation and they have been protected since 1933.

No doubt this magnificent landscape will look familiar to many gamers that played The Elder Scrolls Skyrim! Now we need to stress that this location was in fact used to film many local production fairy-tale movies, however after this it might even serve as a platform for something more popular like Skyrim movie if they ever make one! Photos via Steve Coleman © / Flickr / All rights reserved

This ladies and gentlemen is the real “The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim”

Cisářská chodba – Emperor’s Corridor, Prachov Rocks (Prachovské Skály)

Prints of this now available h e r e I already have a couple of shots of these steps from a few years back, but I like the smoke from the tree-felling work on this. Looks better on BLACK

…and this ladies and gentlemen is real and it’s Czech Republics “Prachov Rocks”:

Prachov Rocks / Prachovské Skály

Not a forest fire, just woodcutters burning brushwood down in the valley. Prachov Rocks on b l a c k

So just maybe you could actually take your sword, mountain gear and go onto a real adventure!

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