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How Ukrainians looked like 100 years ago

Last week we had a interesting topic about Russia from 100 years ago, now we bring you how Ukrainians looked 100 years ago! Get ready for our time-travel machine and see how the average people used to look like back then. Since photos were usually taken in festive manner the individuals on photos had their best traditional outfits to be displayed for the photo shoot, and lucky for us we can view them today. You must admit, both the people and outfits are really beautiful! via(source)

587125_1_w_570“Only Little Russians and Parisian women know how to dress tastefully! You will not believe how charmingly the girls dress, the young men as well. It is a really national, comfortable and graceful costume, despite the huge boots. And the ducats, the beads!!! Headbands, flowers!! And the faces!!! Oh, what language!!! Just beauty, beauty and beauty!!!” Wrote artist Ilya Repin.

The main elements of the Ukrainian national costume were formed back in the times of Princes and were almost unchanged since then. The location can determine the characteristics of clothing from certain regions of Ukraine, such as: Volyn, Podillya, Polissya, Pokuttya, Hutsulshchina, Boykivshchina, Lemkivshchina, Slobozhanshchina, Poltavshchina and Dnipro Ukraine. There was festive and everyday, winter and summer clothing.

Today we offer you to familiarize yourself with the way people dressed around the Kyiv region 100 years ago. The photographs present mostly women’s festive clothing, which included jewelry and beads. 587125_2_w_1000 587125_3_w_1000 587125_4_w_1000 587125_5_w_1000 587125_6_w_1000 587125_7_w_1000 587125_8_w_1000 587125_9_w_1000 587125_10_w_1000 587125_11_w_1000 587125_12_w_1000 587125_13_w_1000 587125_14_w_1000

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