Hum – smallest city in the world


City of Hum, or just Hum, is the smallest city in the world, with only around 30 citizens. It is located in the central of Istria, Croatia. Whole town can be seen in about 5 minutes.

According to legend, Hum was built by giants, when they built the towns in Mirna valley, and from the rest of the stones in the end they built Hum. In historic archives, name Hum was mentioned for the first time in 1102. City walls protected the place from the frequent breakthroughs of the Mlets and the Turks.

In addition to being known as the smallest city in the world, it has been proudly wearing the name of the City of Biska. Biska is a type of brandy made with miseltoe, whose recipe originates from Hum. Every year at the end of October in this town is held a type of brandy fair where famous brandy makers from all over Istria compete for the title of best brandy.

Nevertheless, many tourists are attracted to this small town. You are still wandering what can be seen there? Well, quite a lot actually. There is a church of St. Jeronim dating in 12. century, giant, even older city gates, lapidaries with preserved glagolic scripts, church tower, and a cute little gallery which contains collections of old istrian house furniture.

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