Jolly Regatta (Veseli Spust) – Why You Should Try it?

Jolly Regatta (Veseli Spust) is one of the oldest and most exciting rafting events in Serbia. It goes from the medieval city Maglič to the city of Kraljevo – 25km on the river Ibar, with over 10k enthusiastic rafters participating in the most cheerful parade on Serbian waters! So here are the reasons why you should try the Jolly Regatta.

Maglic Fortress

Maglič is a 13th century castle that is located at the top of the hill around which the Ibar river makes a curve. The position of this magnificent castle allows you to have a breathtaking view of the amazing Ibar valley. Since the castle was recently renovated, you can easily climb the walls of the castle and enjoy the magic view of the natural surroundings. Even though you need to climb at least 20-25 minutes until you get to the top of the hill, where Maglič Fortress stands, it is worth every step.  You will definitely have a handful of unforgettable impressions!

Positive energy

More than 10k happy and enthusiastic people come to Ibar river to play songs, drink, barbeque and spread positive energy . It is an event to which you plan going in advance and in which you participate with  pride. Of course, do not be surprised if you see brass bends on the boats, people dressed as Indians, Cowboys, Gypsies, people who wear cylinder hats and so on… Some of the participants barbeque on the rafts, also. And beer…well, beer is cooled in Ibar river.

DIY Boats

Could you imagine boats made of wood? Or plastic bottles? Or Styrfoam? Or car tires? Yes, these are the main features of Veseli Spust. It is normal that more than 10k people take part in Veseli Spust in this type of boats – you can see stranger things that they refer to as “boats” and “rafts”. For example, one year some group of people saw a car in the river from which the smoke came out. It was raft and smoke was from the torch.

Mataruska Banja (Mataruska Spa)

For all participants of Veseli Spust there is organized lunch in Mataruska Banja. This is a great opportunity to see this beauty – Mataruska Banja is surrounded by Troglav, Stolovi and Čemerno Mountains and it is 215m above the sea level. The temperature of mineral waters of Mataruska Banja is from 38 to 48 degrees Celsius so you could enjoy a bath there – after drinking, eating and rafting all day!

Kraljevo City

After Veseli Spust, Kraljevo City turns into a big stage where parties take place on every corner, at coffee places, gardens, clubs, by the river… On that weekend, Kraljevo doesn’t sleep! If you stop for a second and put the night life on the side, Kraljevo has a lot to offer. There are a number of exciting things to do in Kraljevo and nearby, from historical sites to cultural attractions like Sopocani Monastery, Studenica Monastery, Gostilje Waterfall, Vrnjacka Spa, Zlatibor mountain… So don’t be afraid to extend the adventure because this part of Serbia has a lot to offer.

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