Largest Gopnik Meeting in the World was Held in Prague, Czech Republic

When subcultures are born, meetings take place and amerikanskij spies run

Victoria_Borodinova (CC0), Pixabay

Prague, Czech Republic – On 25th of August Czech Slavs have united at WenceSLAVs square. It’s the Gopnik subculture that has taken over Eastern Europe and it’s serious business. As you can see there is a lot of cheeki breeki in this video as these people consume Vodka, Kompot, Mayonez, sunflower seeds and some good old traditional Hard Bass music.

Witnesses say there were no Amerikanskij spies anywhere near, so that is how serious it was. we united the Czech Slavs at WenceSLAVs square! It was more cheeki breeki than the video even shows!

As you can see it was quite a party. Only maybe a bear, Lada and some tablecloth were missing for extra layer of Slavness, but we will forgive them that in hope they will make it perfect next time.

What do you think?

What do you think?

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