Meet Natalia Ogryzko, a very special Russian women with a story to tell

Strong, independent, athletic, charismatic and a woman

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St.Petersburg, Russia – There is a lot of men and women that devoted their life to sports, this is a story of one such…women. Yes you read it right, it’s a story about Natalia Ogryzko, a 41 years old power-lifting champion of St.Petersburg. The news of this strong independent women spread through the Russian forums pretty fast, so eventually it came to us as well.

Now we all know that sports do change physiognomy of a human, but this beautiful, strong, purposeful woman is something you would not expect. There is one poem by Russian writers that fits this right:

Russian villages are notable for special women,

They are gently called “mommies with balls”,

Who can stop a running elephant without screaming,

Tear off his trunk and tear down the walls.

What do you think?

What do you think?

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