Life of Boris: The Birth of Slav YouTube Superstar

How good is your squat? We are sure it’s not as good as squats made by Boris, this is why he started a Youtube channel “Life of Boris” that is rapidly spreading through internet as a wildfire through Siberia. If you wanted to know who is the person behind the channel, well most likely it’s Boris but he is kind of secretive about his identity, probably because of the Slav image. He comes from a Slav country he said, but at the moment lives in Estonia and works as a programmer, this is a good clue Boris is Russian. But who cares about ethnicity, he is a Slav and that is all that matters, this is why his YouTube channel is gaining so much followers, he actually has plans to stop working and just become a full-time youtube Slav.

You probably ask yourself, how did this all start? Well it all started with one funny video for his buddies, they had good laughs and new videos just started rolling in. People love humor that Boris is filled with and people also love seeing Slavs squat, this is why it’s all so popular. Now Squat!

Thank God there is always a good amount of inspiration when it comes to Slav memes, this is why he has no problems with making those videos. Motivation is all around him, so he has ideas for new videos enough for years to come.

Boris has over 210,000 followers on his social media platforms that counts Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Vkontakte and others, this is pretty much you will agree, probably more then some of your local media outlets. However no matter the huge numbers he still loves to talk with his fans. You can help out Boris with some donations. He has a Patreon account.

How good does Boris squat, what do you think?

What do you think?

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