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What happens when Czech tourist lives for 2 months in Serbia?

Obviously a lot of pretty sights and photos for your eyes to feast on

Belgrade, Serbia – Czech photographer Maya Maceka is one of those Travel bloggers that ended up in Belgrade, Serbia. She was there for two months and she took every moment to capture some pretty awesome sights.

You will probably agree that Belgrade looks awesome on these pictures, so if you are interest how, well most of those pictures were taken with Sony A6000 and she post-processed it with Lightroom.

I fell in love with Belgrade during my time there. I found the city to be very underrated yet it has so much to offer. It felt very authentic.

St. Sava Cathedral


Buildings in Dorcol “Silicon Valley”


Skadarlija Street in Bohemian Quarter


Car in Sava Mala






Belgrade Train Station


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