5 Most Interesting Bridges Of Ukraine You Should Visit

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When you think about the most beautiful bridges in the world, I am sure Ukrainian bridges are not on your list. But the fact that the bridges in Ukraine are not as popular as some other bridges doesn’t mean they are less interesting. Anyway, it is up to each one of us to decide what’s beautiful and what’s not. Take a look at these bridges that it’s possible to see in Ukraine and make your own decision if you think they are worth your attention or not.

Parkovy pedestrian bridge in Kiev


This bridge connects the city center of Kiev with one of the biggest and main islands on the Dnieper river. It was built in 1956 – 1957, on the side of the city center you can catch a funicular that will take you up the hill directly to the central part of the town with lots of diplomatic corps, on the other side, the side of the island, you can take a swim and relax at one of multiple beaches. On the bridge itself you can do bungee jumping into the Dnieper, listen to street performers, take pictures with the city center and the river in the background.

Bridge Viaduct in Vorokhta

The village of Vorokhta has several interesting bridges built many years ago by Austrian engineers. The main and the most popular bridge is Viaduct bridge which at the moment is still working so you can see trains running across it even today. Many years ago the Austro – Hungarian government decided to build this bridge to connect the Adriatic with the Black sea. They made this decision in 1870 but the construction started in 1894. The total length of the bridge is 130 meters and the width of the biggest arch is 25 meters. If you want to see this bridge you can take an organised tour where the guide will tell you the main information about this amazing bridge or you can find it yourself. But the recommendation of many tourists is not to try to get too close to is as the view is more majestic from a distance especially because in this case you can’t see the older parts of the bridge. The ultimate task of every tourist is to make a picture of the bridge with a train on it. See if you can do it too.

Metro Bridge in Kiev

This is  is a very long bridge that takes you from the left side of the Dnieper river to the right side. It also goes over the island where in the summer you can swim and visit an entertainment part. It is possible to walk across this bridge but it is not a pedestrian bridge. It consists of two levels – one is for cars and the one above is for the metro. The metro train also makes one more stop above the island. It is a very interesting view from the train and it’s the most popular way of visiting this bridge to enjoy the view of the river and the statue of The Motherland on the river bank. The bridge has always been popular with tourists and the locals. Even locals turn away from their phone and look out the window when the train starts crossing the river. Officially this bridge became a national architectural monument only in 2008.

Strimka Lan bridge in Kamenec-Podilski

This is the highest bridge of Ukraine. It is situated in a picturesque town called Kamenets-Podolski and connects the center of the town with the castle that stands on the bank of the river Smotrich. The castle is the main sight of the town, the bridge stands in the second place. This bridge is relatively new. Its construction started in 1966. The engineers planned to finish the construction by 1970 and devote the opening ceremony to the 100-year anniversary of Lenin, the initiator of the communist movement and the USSR. But it took them longer than they expected which became the reason of many jokes among Ukrainians who were never too impressed with the USSR government and the communists. Finally the bridge was opened in 1973 and since then it plays an important role in the life of the city and the whole country.

Paton bridge in Kiev

Just like the majority of the main bridges in Ukraine this one is also situated in Kiev and connects the two banks – the right and the left ones. This bridge is so famous because it’s the world’s first fully-welded bridge. The total length is 1543 meters. The main engineer, who also took part in the construction of the Strimka Lan bridge. A famous academic Evgeniy Paton built this bridge from the beginning but sadly died just four months before the opening ceremony.  Since it’s opening day the bridge remains one of the main and busiest bridges of the country. There is a funny fact about the construction process. In order to build Paton bridge it was necessary to ruin the old one first which was built before the war. The engineers did so by using explosives and throwing them into the water. There is a story that to separate the water from the bomb the engineers used condoms as there were no plastic bags back then. All together 5000 condoms were used.

Even though none of these bridges are maybe interesting enough to visit places especially for them, they might be a very nice bonus to your trip and sightseeing tour when in Ukraine.

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