“Catacombs Roulette” – New Fun Game For Serbian Teens Who Are Getting Lost In Petrovaradin Fortress

Roulette game where you enter a dungeon but may not find the way out…

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Slavs probably heard for the one of the most popular Serbian music festival – EXIT that takes place on Petrovaradin Fortress (btw, it starts in a few days). So, what’s so important about it? Well, of course, you should visit this festival to take advantage of all the joys and fun it offers, but this time we are more concerned about what happens beneath the fortress. Where to start? From the beginning, of course.

Petrovaradin Fortress, also nicknamed “Gibraltar on the Danube”, is a fortress in the town of Petrovaradin, itself part of the city of Novi Sad in Serbia. It is located on the right bank of the Danube river. The cornerstone of the present-day southern part of the fortress was laid on the 18th of October, 1692, by Charles Eugène de Croÿ.

Petrovaradin Fortress has many underground tunnels, catacombs, as well as 16km of uncollapsed underground countermine systems. Through many years, there were adventurers interested in the exploration of the fortress and all of its secrets, like finding the treasures under the fortress. There is a story that the Austrian imperial treasure was in Petrovaradin because it was more secure than in Vienna. As Napoleon dominated Europe at the beginning of the 19th century, the authorities find it very dangerous, so they hide it exactly there, under the Petrovaradin fortress.

So where’s the catch? In the last few years, a certain “brand” of special teenager “adventurers” appeared, having a “brave heart” and the thirst for adrenaline (even though they couldn’t yet grow their own mustaches). These Serbian teenagers invented the new popular dangerous game – “Catacombs Roulette”. Sounds scary? Scary it is.

So what do those “smart asses” actually do? They enter the Petrovaradin fortress and try to solve its maze! Those who are lucky… are successful and find their way out.

But, not everyone is lucky enough… Or it might be better to say, in most cases they are unlucky. There were cases of children who, even after ten hours spent in the underground of the Fortress, playing the game “Roulette of the Catacombs”, did not manage to find a way out. Even though they saw the light of the day through the loopholes, they weren’t able to find the exit.

So, what happens to the kids who get stuck in the catacombs?

In most cases, teens managed to find the signal on their smartphone and call their Parents to the rescue. Rescuing is a pain in the a… job, especially if teens call in the evening. Because of the dark, it’s way more difficult to find and rescue them.

However, there are some special rescue groups that are very familiar with the details of this complicated labyrinth and they always find the “brave” explorers.

Did I mention the story about the Dragon that lives in the tunnels of the fortress? Serbian GOT, a little bit. Well, that dragon is another reason why those kids wander through the tunnels and catacombs…

Allegedly, Turks, due to the lost battle of Teki in  1716, when Damad Pasha was killed, came out with a revenge plot – during the night, they filled the tunnels with poisonous snakes. Only one of these snakes survived and over the years, it turned into a dragon who became the master of the catacombs, with only one goal – to kill all the army of the Eugene Savoysky.

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