Meet Maksim Pastukhov – Russian Bodybuilding Priest That Is Making Local Village Babushkas Go Wild

Holy monk spreading the words of Jesus Christ by the power of Muscles

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This man is an orthodox priest, you would expect a abbot of a local church that is probably doing some work around the church during the daytime in some rural Russian outlands. However this one is kinda different, this is a holy blessed bodybuilding champion and a divine professional fitness coach at his night life. After people revelead that he has been making headline after headline in major Russian media, just like superman after he does his daily work, the loses his priestly robes and goes to pump some muscles at night.

Priest Maksim Pastukhov has been serving the local community of Ivanovka village for years, it is located in the south-western Russia. However this priest wanted something more out of his life.

Suddenly Maksim was renowned in the eyes of one other audiences, not just the elderly local babushkas and dedushkas, he started to be famous in the Russian bodybuilding scene. .

Showcasing his muscles, he took part at a regional bodybuilding championship, gaining third prize. The all-action priest also has a black belt in martial arts. So local babushkas are not only blessed, but even safe and more so attracted by the idea of visiting the local church.

Father Maksim even opened a “Orthodox sports club” named after one of the holy saints, equipped it with pretty expensive weight-lifting machines. It wasn’t cheap to do so, so he sold his house he reveled in an interview reports RT.

Father Maksim is just like one of those lone warrior monks you see in video games and movies.

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