Top 11 Places for Fishing in Slavic Lands

Except for swimming, summer is also great for fishing!

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In the era of amazing video games, social networks, and online fun, it’s good to take the time off and head toward somewhere with no or limited internet. Somewhere in the nature, but not near a highly populated tourist destination, for there might not be a real peace. For this time, let’s settle for the best places for fishing, and by best I don’t mean that you necessarily need to catch a 2 meter catfish, but that you can catch a lot, and, really enjoy your time in peace and enchanting surrounding. If you have suggestions for some places – let us all know!

1. Montenegro – Tara

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The best place for fishing in Montenegro is definitely Tara canyon. River Tara is famous by its extremely clean water, and is known as “Tear of Europe”. The canyon is second deepest canyon in the world, as its highest point reaches 1300 m. The most common types of fish in this part of the river are brown trout, huchen, and grayling. What you might need to know is that the fishing is allowed only with artificial bait.

2. Slovenia – Soca river

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Soca is also called “Emerald River” or “Emerald beauty”; one look at the picture and you have the idea where these additional names came from. It is an Alpine river; its source is located in the Trenta Valley in the Julian Alps.

3. Russia – Kola Peninsula

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Whoever can stand lower temperatures should reconsider Kola Peninsula for his next fishing trip. But, if you want to go to a place where you can catch and then eat the prey, this is not the place for you. Kola Peninsula wants to keep the fish in the area, so the fishing is for relaxation only, catch and release principle.

4. Belarus  – Chigirinsky Reservoir

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Belarus is generally rich with rivers and lakes, which contain the high variety of flora and fauna. However, in order to preserve the numbers of fish, the authorities had to impose the ban on fishing. That’s why, if you expect to go for professional fishing, you need to check the fisherman’s calendar for the current year.

If you’re interested in amateur fishing, you can pick the fishing rod and head toward Chirginsky Reservoir any time. Amateur fishing here refers to fishing with the single fishing rod, using only artificial bait, and without entering the water. Chirginsky Reservoir is especially rich with catfish, and during August the village nearby celebrates the holiday “Big Bard-fishing.”

5. Poland – Masurian lake

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Masurian likeland is little known outside Poland, but it definitely needs to become a famous tourist destination for the people of the entire Europe. The area is rich with forests, organic farms, and 2000 lakes! Even though it can’t beat the result of Finland, it’s still pretty impressive. In this numerous lakes, you can catch pike, zander, bream, catfish, tench, roach and crucian. Besides numerous types of fish, the area is inhabited by numerous wild animals such as moose, wolves, beavers, European bison, otters and badgers in surrounding forest called Borecka.

6. Bosnia – Una river

Una is a great destination for every person interested in fly fishing, but the part between Martin Brod and Kulen Vakuf is a fisherman’s dream. It has crystal clear shallows, deep pools, population of browns, grayling and rainbows. There are five fishing reservoirs on Una river, and each of them has his own prices and restrictions when it comes to types of fishing. If at some point you get tired of fishing, you could (and you should) try rafting on this beautiful river.

7. Macedonia – Ohrid lake

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One of the deepest and oldest lakes in Europe, preserves an amazing aquatic ecosystem, with over 200 endemic species. Those species are protected, so the fishing in the lake can be performed only with fishing ID and fishing permission. Without those, you can face penalty of 2500e or higher. Besides fishing, there are many other activities you can enjoy, such as swimming, visiting archaeological sites, monasteries, churches, or take a boat ride.

8. Slovakia – Oravská priehrada

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Orava is a reservoir that forms the largest lake in Slovakia. It was created artificially, by the construction of a dam between 1941 and 1953. It is one of the most important bird areas in Europe, in which species like herons, great cormorants, spoonbills and many others can be found. Besides being a great place for bird lovers, Orava reservoir is a great place for people who enjoy fishing, boating and sailing, as well as more earthly activities such as hiking, cycling, and skiing (during winter, of course). Here you can use all fishing techniques, with no restrictions, except that you need to pay for permission, of course. Here you can catch pike, zander, carp, or trout.

9. Czech Republic – Vltava river

To have a fishing trip from a fairy tale, I would recommend you to go Czech Republic, to a Vltava river, as its fishing area rests between two medieval towns: Rozmberk and Cesky Krumlov, both of them dominated by beautiful castles. With its steep parts and deep pools, Vltava is one of the best fly fishing rivers in the country.

10. Serbia – Drina river

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Drina flows through Bosnia and Serbia, so you can enjoy its fishing possibilities and beauties in both countries. It is one of the most favourite fly fishing destinations for Balkan fishermen, because of its clear water, and trophy fish. The best area for fishing lies between artificial lakes Perucac and Zvornik.

11. Croatia – Otočac, Gacka river

On the Gacka river there are several eddies and depts. They are know among local population as abysees. Many tales and legends are told of each of these eddies and pits. The best time for angling is when the moon is full locals say so, now you know!

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