Adidas Starts Selling Soviet Themed Clothes, Internet Reacts Vigorously

A clothing brand for the people from the people

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Adidas again proved that it definitely has some correlation with Eastern Europe and it’s past. If you read the article on topic “Why do Slavs wear adidas tracksuits” you’d understand there is a thing between Slavs and Adidas. However no one expected that Adidas would make a Soviet tribute clothing line, most of Internet citizens were either in awe or shock. They actually pulled of a whole USSR themed line by introduction Soviet Union-themed jersey, mash-up jersey, layer tee, and tank dress reports Boredpanda.

“‘Creating the New‘ is the headline for our next five-year strategic business plan,” Adidas states.

The designs have sparked such an outrage, it even reached a diplomatic level. Some people started to be too dramatic about it, while others accepted it with laughter.

“Being sick with ‘imperial nostalgia’ – it still occurs. A bit surprising from the famous @adidas, though.” ~ The Strategic Communication Group of the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs tweeted

To backtrack, in 2008 Herbert Hainer, CEO and Chairman of Adidas AG, said “We are well positioned with all our brands in Russia. The Adidas Group is growing so fast in this large country that it is already one of our most important markets in Europe with the potential to claim the top spot by 2010.”


One of the most recent Adidas clothing lines has gotten a lot of attention

Few days later Adidas withdraw Soviet-themed shirts in Lithuania.

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