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Meteorite talisman found in Shaman Hut from Poland

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What better way to prove you have spiritual capabilities to your villagers then with an alien sky-fallen object? 9.000 years ago this meteorite fell onto what is today Poland, and it was found in a Shamans hut. During archeological excavations it was found inside his hut with other magical instruments that Shamans used. The local villagers probably have watched the meteorite fall from the sky, and as we can see his falling was seen as a magic and a sign, thus he ended up in hands of the local Shaman.

At Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology in Szczecin archaeologists have  found the natural pyrite meteorite fragment while excavating a hut (that belonged to a shaman) in Bolków by Lake Świdwie in Polish region Western Pomerania. The cylindrical stone is 8 by 5.3 by 3.5 centimeters and was found in a collection of objects that a shaman would possess, including an bone spear, a amulet, engraved spear tip and a wand made of antler carved with geometric mathematically right  patterns.

Institute expert Tadeusz Galinski says the placement of the meteorite in the hut shows it was an object of special significance to humans of the Mesolithic period, indicating they may have even seen it fall, found the crater it created and felt its heat. In addition, the meteorite is much heavier than rocks of similar size, making it even more mysterious to them. Imagine what kind of special powers could you gain with use of such magical item in those times?

The research team from the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology has been in Bolków for several years and found the object last year but only recently determined it was from a meteorite, according to the report in PAP – Science and Scholarship in Poland. The layer the talisman was found in nearby was also found a second hut in which a intact Mesolithic hunting bow was found together with evidence of a hearth.

Expert Tadeusz Galinski said, this is the first evidence that a primitive culture worshiped a meteorite or used it in such a way. The original finder millennia ago probably saw in it shapes of a mysterious world of spirits.

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