Mysterious Sands of Russia: Amazing story of a village surviving in the dunes

Remember the movie “Dune”? Well this is something like that

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Shoyna, Russia – The village was founded in 1933 near the mouth of the same river, which flows into the White Sea. After 20 years there was a thriving farm with a population of more than 1,500 people. In Soviet times, Shoyna had an impressive fishing based fleet. But the barbarian fishing completely destroyed the vegetation of an area. Today sands slowly but surely bury village. Russia Today made a interesting documentary depicting this village as living and dying Russian Macondo.

This interesting YouTube documentary shows you how the only desert above the Arctic circle looks like, and how this small village went through amazing enviromental changes, will this happen to the rest of us too? Thanks to Images made by Sergey Ermokhin on you can see how this life looks like.

This village is located just a dew dozen miles from the White sea coast. It was founded in 1930 and in short time it became the prominent base of Russian fishing industry. Once upon a time you could spot hundreds of cargo ships in this land.

With time as fishing boats destroyed the natural vegetation of seabed with trawling, Arctic winds started to blow the sand from the sea up on the land. Over the 50 years they accumulated sand and today this is how the village looks like.

Everyone was surprised to seer that village is still alive and well, no matter the fact that most of the village is under the sand, people still live there

So take 26 minutes of your life and watch the documentary above on top of this article, it’s an good example how humans have to preserve their nature and surrounding or we can feel it’s backlash.

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What do you think?

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