The Castle of Ravadinovo – New Medieval Castle Built In 20 Years By One Man

Bulgarian castle won the prize for tourist attraction number 1 in the world

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The castle of Ravadino is probably the only castle in Europe, constructed by one man only. It is spectacular attraction which is situated just a couple of kilometers from Sozopol. In 2016 the Bulgarian attraction won the prize for tourist attraction number 1 in the world. Castle Ravadinovo “In Love with the wind” took gold and silver medal in the “Tourist Attraction” category and was declared an architectural wonder of the prestigious international competition “A ‘Design Award” 2016. Its architectural design is unusual, a bit extravagant and exotic for this country.

Considering the fact that its construction began about 20 years ago, the Castle of Ravadinovo is definitely one of its kind. The best way to describe the Castle of Ravadinovo is probably in a statement made by one of its visitors – ‘this is the most unusual building in the most unusual location’. Indeed, the castle bizarrely stands in the middle of a farm field, just a stone-throw from the highway. So if you are driving from Bourgas down south the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, there is no chance of missing the castle.

From a bird’s eye view, the castle looks like a cross. The castle itself combines various building and decorating styles and materials and it is definitely interesting to see what some ancient castles must have looked like when they were newly built. Outside, the construction is decorated with ornaments made of brass.

They hang on the stone walls which are encased with thick ivy in the rear of the castle. The towers are decorated with copper and brass. A stone gate, in the beginning of the castle, takes visitors to the unique Palace where a beautiful arch, a copy of this of Hadrian in Istanbul, is situated. Shortly after, you find yourself in a fabulous garden with a lake in which a pair of white and four black swans make the atmosphere even more romantic.

The owner wants the whole of Bulgaria to know that anyone can come here at any time and see the castle. For some people it is a romantic and mystical place, for others it is some kind of escape from the reality.

There are people who consider the castle of Ravadinovo as perfect spot for some photo shooting. But no matter what the reason for visiting is, the owner of the castle said “I did it in Bulgaria, because we were born here and we will die, and it will stay …”

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