One Of These Legendary Soviet Female Snipers Killed 309 Nazis

Stunning women of iron and steel leaving their mark on history

Stunning colorized images have given new life to WWII photos of brave female snipers who defended their homeland against the invading German battalions. This set also includes the most succesful female sniper in history known as ‘Lady Death’ or by her real name Lyudmila Pavlichenko. The photographs were colorized by Moscow artist Olga Shirnina.

Olga Shirnina became popular thanks to her Flickr page, she invests massive amounts of time to colorize the versions of historical photographs. However for now she only posts photographs from the Russian history be it Empire of Soviet era. However she does enjoy periodical Hollywood celebrities colorizing from the previous century. More info: Flickr (h/t:

“There are very few [color or colorized] images with Red Army soldiers, I decided to fill this gap,” She said. “Sometimes a picture can say more than many words and I’ll be glad if people learn more about Russia and its people through my colorings.”

Roza Shanina was one of the 800,000 women who fought in Russia.

Lyuba Makarova was one of the 800,000 women who served in Russia during WWII.

Lyudmila Pavlichenko pictured smiling in her uniform.

Roza Shanina, who was responsible for 59 kills in WWII.

Ziba Ganiyeva was one of the Russian women fighting against Nazi Germany during WWII.

Lyudmila Pavlichenko is the most successful female sniper in history.

Sniper Yevgenia Makeeva killed 68 Nazi soldiers during WWII.

Beautiful blonde Roza Shanina, who was responsible for 59-confirmed kills.

Women of the Central Women’s School of Sniper Training, 1943.

Roza Shanina was one of the 800,000 women who served in the Soviet Armed Forces during the war as a sniper.

‘Lady Death’ is pictured wearing full uniform beneath a framed picture of Soviet dictator, Joseph Stalin.

Sniper volunteer Nadezhda Kolesnikova is pictured smiling alongside her weapon.

Roza Shanina had a high success rate during her time working in WWII fighting against Nazi Germany.

Lyudmila Pavlichenko Soviet sniper during World War II. Credited with 309 kills the most successful female sniper in history.

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