Poles Made The Biggest 3D Mural In Poznan

kurtdeiner (CC0), Pixabay

Poles made a interesting thing these day, a huge gigantic mural that is celebrating the historical town of Śródka. You probably don’t know wth Śródka but that doesn’t matter, because mural is in focus for you awe. It will be unveiled in the Polish city by the name “Poznań” on October first. Giant mural shows “A Tale śródecka with trumpeter on the roof and a cat in the background” which is in close proximity to the St. Margaret Cathedral, and this master art event was organized by Gerard Cofta which is a chairman of the settlements Cathedral Island-Śródka-Zawada-Komandoria. It took three years to get money from the city to allow the project to begin, so now when they finally made it, you better enjoy i.

If you still like really really wanna know what Śródka is, well it is a historical neighborhood in the city of Poznań in western Poland. Mural was made just to artistically commemorate when the settlement gained its “city rights” in 1231. It was incorporated into the city of Poznań in 1800. The name Śródka remains from the Polish word środa, “Wednesday,” for a market that used to be held there on that day. More info: |

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