Polish illustrator created Slavic based comics “Slavonica” that you will love

Short fantasy stories inspired by Slavic mythology and culture

Poland – Slavonica is a comic based on fantasy stories inspired by Slavic mythology and culture – witches, gods and monsters. It’s core plot is around fairy tales and legends with Katarzyna own original characters in “Slavonica” project. We are obviously lucky because a lot of Slavic cartoons are getting released lately, but her story includes both long and short stories with some bonus illustrations.

Katarzyna doesn’t have a full time job at this moment, this is why she uses all her time to create amazing freelance illustrations such as this. To create these comics such as “Slavonica” it takes much more work than one could imagine, from setting up a story to drawing it all. You will probably appreciate her work, this is why you can support her over Patreon so she could continue to deliver her great (and FREE) art to us all.

We will show you her first Slavic comic from “Slavonica” series, its title is “Deal” by Katarzyna “Panna N.” Witerscheim (2015) source:(facebook, taptastic)

Slavonica :: Deal | Tapas

Story of the First Slavic Witch and fooled Weles.

Other Slavic based cartoons and comics:

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