Raising Slavic Totem of Perun on mount Perun, Croatia

AStoKo (CC0), Pixabay

Raising Slavic Totem of Perun on mount Perun, Croatia – the team of brave and young cultural activist in Croatia decided to raise a Slavic totem (idol) of Slavic God Perun on mount Perun in Croatia. The name, the peak, is called Perun because old Slavs used to call mountain peeks by the God Perun and the valley’s below those mountains usually were coined from name Veles a Slavic God of fertility, water and underground which is through mythology usually in conflict with Perun.

In the short documentary you can see how the whole totem raising looked like and it can give you a glimpse how these events looked like in the past. Enjoy! h/t: (source)

Video of the Pagan ceremony:

Members actively photographed the whole pagan event, so a few interesting photos were made:

What do you think, should we invest more in reviving old traditions?

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