Famous and important Slovenes

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Here’s some stuff about famous and important Slovenes.

– Herman Potočnik was a Slovenian space pionir who wrote a book called “The Problem of Space Travel – The Rocket Motor”. In it he wrote his ideas about space traveling, rocket motors and space stations which are wery realistic and helped NASA to some degree.

– Vladimir Vauhink was a Slovene soldier in different armies. He was later a military attaché and spy. He discovered the German plan to attack Yougoslavia in ww2 and reported it to the general staff. Later in war he worked for the UK until 1944.

– Jurij Vega was a Slovene scientist and baron. He had done great work in Mathemathics. He calculated the number π to 140 decimals which was a record. He also wrote several books about maths, his most known work is “Treasury of all Logarithms”.

– Friderik Pregl was a half Slovene chemist and physician who won the Nobel Prize in 1923 for his work in quantitative organic microanalysis.

– Jožef Stefan was a Carinthian Slovene physicist and mathematician. He is most known for originating a physical power law in 1879.

– Jacobus Gallus Carniolus a Slovene Renaissance composer. He composed over 374 motets, 20 masses and over 100 other pieces.

– France Prešeren is our greatest poet. He wrote our anthem (Zdravljica). His masterpiece is the Wreath of Sonnets (Sonetni venec) which is a crown of 15 sonnets. He is the only real Slovene Romantic poet.

– Janez Drnovšek was a Slovene politician. He was the 12th President of Yugoslavia and later the 2nd President of Slovenia but also its 2nd and 4th Prime minister.

This shall be the first taste of our people. There is more to come but I can’t post everything in one post.

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