Recipe: How to make Pierogi

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Pierogi or pirogi are delicious filled dumplings that are a popular dish in East European nations, mostly Slavic ones. Delicious little dumplings are very popular in Slavic countries such as Poland, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine but also Baltic nations that have been heavily influenced by Slavs like Latvians and Lithuanians also embraced this cuisine as national. Pieorgi also have one additional name, it is varenyky and as such are called in Poland and Ukraine.


For the dough:

1/2 kg flour

1 egg

About 3 dl lukewarm water

A pinch of salt


2-3 cooking potatoes

150 g cream cheese


How to make Pierogi

Make a smooth paste out of flour, salt, egg and water. Allow the dough to rest, and in the meantime, make the filling. Boil peeled potatoes in salted water. When done, mash it into a puree and mix with cream cheese (you can make pierogi filled only with a little salted cream cheese but it then takes about 400-500 g of it).

Roll out the stale dough on a floured surface and remove circles of dough the size of 5-6 cm in diameter. On each circle put a little stuffing and close the pack. Cook them in boiling water to which you previously added a little oil, for about ten minutes. Let cooked pierogi drain and dry out, and place on a plate.

The stuffing may be diverse, but the most common are pierogi with sauerkraut, ground meat, potatoes, cheese or fruit.

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