Russian Government to Build a Mind-Blowing Statue in Tver Region, Commemorating WW2 Casualties

The monument will be installed in 2020 by the 75th anniversary of the Victory.


In the Rzhevsky district of the Tver region, near the village of Khoroshevo, a memorial to the Soviet Soldier will be installed, which will be visible from the federal highway M-9. The monument commemorates the heroism and courage of the Red Army soldiers who fought in the bloody battles for Rzhev and on the perimeter of the Rzhev-Vyazma ridge.

The project of the memorial was designed by the sculptor Andrei Korobtsov from Belgorod. His work “I was killed near Rzhev” became the best among 19 projects. Construction will begin this year and will be completed by the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory in 2020.

“I wanted to portray one of the hundreds of thousands of soldiers killed there. As if he looks at people, asking: how did this war end?” ~ Korobtsov said.

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