Russian man takes armored vehicle for a rampage ride through town, says he did it because he was bored

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A Russian man has been arrested after it was reported that he stole an military armoured vehicle and made a nice rampage through the local town. He ended up crashing the massive vehicle into a small shop and all this happened in a norther town or the Arctic Circle. According to regional news portal, the unnamed man took the vehicle from a driving school (yep, not military), and ended up driving it around destroying a car, and crashing into the shop front in the north-western town of Apatity.

Before the whole mess he was also suspected of stealing a bottle of wine from the supermarket, and “it was with this very bottle that policemen detained him,” Hibinform says.

Many locals as usual are not used to such weird happenings, but Russian TV channel Vesti says he was “bored” and took the tracked vehicle from the driving school. Operated by DOSAAF, a voluntary organisation which cooperates with the armed forces in Russia.

Police in the Murmansk region are now considering criminal charges, local media reports.

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