Russian Man Tired Of Bad Weather Destroying His Crops Writes “Lord, help Russia” Message That Can Be Seen From Space

Praying to God for good weather just like in the old times…

Photo: Google maps & Alexander Dobrovolsky

These days a mysterious message appeared on Google Maps, saying “Lord, Help Russia” and it went viral over Reddit, Vkontakte and other Social media. The message was reveled by its author, 55 year old Andrei Finochenko who as he claims is tired of fighting the weather and other environmental issues in his small town reports

He claimed that “Lord, help Russia” was dug out by him over a year ago every day after work:

Each letter is about 20 feet long, 3 feet wide and a depth of foot and a half. He has been looking after the letters since then, because he did not know, when the satellite would fly by.

If this action of the activist does not attract the attention of the authorities, Finotchenko will not repeat it for the third time. Now, his main goal is to raise his six children.

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