Getting Married In Balkans – 4 Most Romantic Balkan Places To “Say Yes”

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If you are planning to pop the big question, and you and your loved one happened to be on  a Balkan tour, here are the recommendations of the most romantic places where she will say yes (assuming that she will say yes):

1. The Plitvice Lake National Park (Croatia)

When you think about Croatia in a romantic way, I am sure that the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea is the first thought you have in your mind. And it is really hard to think about some other spots.  But let’s be more adventurous, more unique! Imagine that you propose your loved one under a waterfall, surrounded by incredible flora and fauna? O yes, it is Plitvice Lake National Park!

For the Slavs who don’t know much about the Plitvice, it is the Croatian oldest and largest national park, and the most visited one. Although the name says that it is a lake, the water surface of the lake covers only one percent of the park – it is really the most attractive part of the Plitvice because of a large number of trapped barriers over which the water flows…  And it is not all.

Large forest spaces, the remarkable natural beauty of lakes and waterfalls, rich flora and fauna, fresh mountain air, contrasts of summer colors, hidden forest paths and romantic wooden bridges, are just a part of this incredible spot that even UNESCO proclaimed as a World Heritage in 1979.

Just to let you know that you and your significant one will need about six hours to see it all on foot, so just take advantage on park buses or boats to save your time and enjoy a cozy room, and fresh seafood dinner in some rustic guest house nearby.

2. The Fantast Castle (Serbia)

Serbia – a land of stunning nature, rich historical heritage and stunning places to pop the big question.  But which place to choose, you wonder? The competition is serious, but when it comes to the most romantic places, castles take the crown.

the Fantast Castle, also known as Dunđerski Palace, is a Serbian castle built by Bogdan Dunđerski from 1919 onwards. Located in central Vojvodina (60km from Novi Sad), the Fantast Castle is a monument of great cultural significance. It is a perfect place for all couples who feel sorry for not being born in that time of glamorous balls, stunning halls, beautiful parks and large horse stables.

Really, if you want to revive the atmosphere of the past, the Fantast Castle is the right choice for you. The famous castle from the 1920s represents an idyllic place for all lovers of architecture, history, art, and tradition – visitors are free to enter and explore the castle’s large park and the mausoleum where former owners are buried, as well as play on the tennis courts and use the runway for small airplanes.

On the estate, there is also the Church of St George, inside of which is a painting of the Virgin Mary by the artist Uroš Predić. Anyway, there is popular belief that the face of the Virgin Mary was changed to that of Mara Dinjacki (the blacksmith’s wife), with whom Dunđerski was in love with.

So no wonder why you should think about the Fantast Castle as the most romantic spot for a proposal –  everything about it is fantastic, just take the white horse and ride with your loved one in the Vojvodina plain’s sunset.

 3. Ohrid Lake (Macedonia)

Ohrid Lake… your loved one will love to have a romantic sunset proposal dinner here.  Actually, it is such a seductive destination that you will probably think of getting married there, also. Macedonia’s pearl, no doubts!

Surrounded on all sides by the high mountains, the Ohrid Lake is enchanting with its extraordinary natural beauty. The unforgettable impression comes from the color of the lake water, which constantly changes, from sunrise to sunset. By the way, Ohrid Lake is one of the oldest and the biggest lakes in Europe,  with 228.7 meters of depth.

The old city core of Ohrid is completely authentic and preserved. The mixture of the spirit of the Middle Ages in the Balkan style and the old Slavs architecture will call you to see it and explore it. Beautiful churches, cobbled streets, traditional restaurants, lakeside cafes… everything is so perfect for a romantic walk through the ages, with a good quality time.

If you want to propose in Macedonian style, try with Ohrid pearls. But buy them only from Talev or Falev family, because they are the only ones who know the secret recipe for those handmade pearls.

4. Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

One of those places whose pictures will stick in your head for years, the city of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a perfect spot for to “put a ring on it” because of its unusual beauty and unique surroundings.

With a turbulent history that has seen it destroyed and rebuilt, Mostar is a place that is still suffering from the aftereffects of the war. Yet, it is an atmospheric area worth exploring – it offers a remarkable Islamic architecture, bustling ambiance, tasty food and very cheap prices. The symbol of the city, the iconic “Old Bridge” (Stari Most), will take your breath away – It was built by the Ottomans in the 1500s over the river Neretva, and is one of the most beautiful bridges in Balkan.

Next to the bridge is the Bazaar area, full of Turkish-style shops. Your better half will forget that you are in Europe – she will see craftsmen with traditional artistic skills in metalworking, carpet-makers, and painters in the area, and probably buy something of it for the future “family nest” of yours.

And romance… well, romance is easy in this beautiful city. Just stroll hand in hand on the bridge, explore cobbled streets and dine at some beautiful restaurant by the river – you will not forget the view and the joy of those precious moments with your loved one.


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