Selfie Generation – Tombstone In The Form Of An iPhone Was Installed In Ufa

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An unusual tombstone was found by local journalists: a monument appeared in the cemetery in the form of a smartphone. The artist took into account all the details: on the granite device there are buttons and even the apple image of the brand.

Among the similar tombstones in the cemetery of Ufa, this monument is visible from afar: a large granite tombstone in the shape of an iPhone is made with the proportions of the smartphone. Journalists of the portal “Ufa Online” noticed that the master who made this “device” took into account all the details: the volume control buttons are carved on the side panel of the smartphone, the camera, a flashlight and the notorious brand mark are marked on the back.

There is even a QR code at the base of the sculpture, but it was not possible for journalists to load it.

The monument at the Southern Cemetery of Ufa is installed on the grave of a young girl. Perhaps the iPhone was the favorite gadget of the deceased, or the relatives of the deceased decided to co-ordinate.

In any case, in the workshops for the manufacture of tombstones such an order will be fulfilled and won’t surprise them at all.

A 170 centimeter iphone of granite will cost about a hundred thousand rubles, while a customer will lay out a maximum of 30 thousand rubles for a regular granite stone, 50 centimeters high with a portrait. The is a case when you have to pay more for originality.

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