4 Times When Ukraine Was First In Something

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You all know this thing, but we bet you didn’t know about few things when Ukraine was first in it. These are just 4 examples when it did happen, so check it out.

Gas Lamp

It would seem that there is nothing special in a kerosene lamp. In fact, in the 19th century, it opened a new era for humanity. How can it relate to the pride of Ukraine? But what – it was invented in Lviv. It was still far away in 1853. The fact is that the owner of the largest pharmacy “Under the Gold Star” in Lviv bought from a Jew a few barrels of oil spray. In some way, he was convinced that from it it is possible to receive vodka. The two pharmacists – Jan Jan Zeg and Ignatius Lukasiewicz – were assigned to charter oil. They did not get the vodka, but found a substance that burned very well without leaving any soot. It was a kerosene. The substance was very flammable. The basement several times exploded, but the pharmacists did not stop the experiments.

The first lamp pharmacists proudly hung in the evening at the door of their pharmacy, however, there was no excitement expected. Nevertheless, Jan Zeg filed an invention in Vienna, where he received a patent. But there was a promotion of a kerosene lamp by doctors. Once a surgeon in the middle of the night had to conduct urgent surgery to remove the appendix. There was no other way out to test the kerosene lamp. The patient was rescued, and doctors told the whole city that this lamp was not only comfortable, but also hygienic. The glory of the Lviv invention quickly reached Vienna.


Let alone the fact, that Ukraine is a mother of Democracy, cause there was no monarch in Vyisko Zaporizhske( country`s official name ), country`s leader was elected by  it`s citizens and could be  eliminated by any member of society by the words “put a mace down”. On April 5, 1710, at the Cossack Council the Pylyp Orlyk, a fellow  of the previous hetman Mazepa, was elected to be the Hetman of Ukraine. The same day the Council of State also announced and adopted the State Constitution of Ukraine, which was called “Pact and the Constitution of the rights and freedoms of the Vyisko Zaporizhske”. In Latin it sounded like this: “Pacta et Constitutiones legum libertatumque Exercitus Zaporoviensis”. This was the first written constitution in the world.

P. Orlik’s Constitution not only proclaimed an independent Ukrainian state as a republic, but also laid the terms of separation of powers, legally established the system of election of officials. It provided for the establishment of national sovereignty and the definition of state borders, the provision of human rights, the creation of a legal community based on the unity and interaction of the three branches of power – the legislative (elected General Council, which was supposed to meet three times a year – Christmas, Easter and Protection), the executive (Hetman, the actions of which were limited by law, which excluded the monarchical form of government) and judicial, accountable and controlled. The Constitution consolidated the foundations of a democratic society that was still unknown in Europe at that time.


Ostroh Academy is the first higher educational institution in Eastern Europe, the oldest Ukrainian educational and educational establishment, founded in 1576 by Prince Vasyl-Konstantin Ostrozhsky. This man,`s annual earnings equaled 2 -year budget of Rzhech Pospolita (Poland). And his main goal was to build educational system, wich exactly what happend, as for now, Ukraine is 4th- most educated nation in the world The first edition of the Slavic Bible was also published there

First humans’ habitat in Europe

Ukraine was a motherland for one of the world’s most ancient civilizations Trypillian Civilization. Neolithic archeological culture which existed between 5500 BC and 2750 BC on the territory of modern Ukraine Trypillya culture – an archeological culture of the times of the Eneolithic, whose name derives from the name of the Trypillya village in the Kyiv region, the name of the Romanian village of Kukuten is also mentioned in this “extended” cultural name. The first traces of people on Ukrainian lands are dated much earlier than Trypillya, some researchers even believe that the horse was tamed exactly on Ukrainian lands

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