Serbian Barber Trims ‘Kim Jong Un’ on The Back of Clients’ Heads

The great leader on your head for great prosperity in internet vitality

Photo: Mario Hvala / Facebook

One barber from town Novi Sad in Serbia, Mario Hvala, recently became famous for his hilarious idea. He made a super detailed portrait of North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un on the back of his customers head. He has been working on the so called “Hair tattoos” for over eight years, however this is just his latest achievement and it became viral.

He is a 33-year-old barber and he started the hair tattoos during his work in Slovenia. His hair craftsmanship started when a customer asked him to make few straight lines on his head (Adidas?!) but the barber was feeling ready for some more action so he proposed something more complex. The customer wen’t home with a giant tarantula tattoo over his head. Ever since Mario has been making more and more complex tattoos while his crown jewel that made him famous seems to be the “North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un”. More info: Facebook (h/t: odditycentral)

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