5 Best Fall Travel Destinations In Eastern Europe You Have To Visit

While most people prefer to travel during spring or summer, fall globetrotting often means less expenses, fewer crowds and perfect temperatures

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While most people prefer to travel during spring or summer, fall globetrotting often means less expenses, fewer crowds and perfect temperatures. Fall period is usually filled with interesting, visit worthy events and season themed outdoors exhibitions. While many international tourists might choose to pay a visit to traditionally popular Western European cities this fall, some Eastern European cities are certainly keeping up and slowly but surely transforming into top notch travel destinations.

Novi Sad, Serbia

As the second largest city in Serbia and one of European Capital of Culture cities for 2021., Novi Sad is without a doubt a cultural hub and a perfect travel destination. Whether you want to visit the fall flower market, enjoy beer festivals or simply go sightseeing on the historical Petrovaradin Fortress, fall is the right season to do it. Beer fans will find October to be the most enjoyable month to pay a visit to Novi Sad, as Oktoberfest Novi Sad and Festival of Craft Beer are both scheduled for October, only 10 days apart.

With over 20 types of craft beer, seminars, corner where you can watch professionals brew beer and of course music, Festival of Craft Beer has quickly grown into one of the biggest fall attractions in Novi Sad, both for tourists and locals. Yet, for those who prefer something a bit more simple and conservative than craft beers, perfect event to visit is certainly Oktoberfest in Novi Sad. Not much different than the original Oktoberfest, beautiful women in traditional attire will be serving pretzels, sausages and of course, beer.

After intense beer fests, the best way to end a fall trip to Novi Sad is definitely with a lengthy visit to the Fall Market in Novi Sad, during the last week of October. With plenty flowers, pottery, fall vegetables and products of old traditional crafts, Fall Market is known for having an outstanding number of visitors.

Warsaw, Poland

Consistently ranked as one of the most beautiful cities of Eastern and Central Europe, Warsaw has plenty to offer to potential visitors, from its stunning architecture to internationally acclaimed festivals, exhibitions and events. One of such examples is certainly the Warsaw International Film Festival, in its 33rd edition for October 2017. During the festival, members of audience have an opportunity not just to watch the newest films from all over the world, but also to take part is workshops and masterclasses.

One of the most exciting attractions in Warsaw during 2017., for tourists and locals alike was certainly 3D Prehistoric Oceanarium. In collaboration with the best paleontologists in the world, 3D designers have reconstructed the submarine world from 350 million years ago. While most scenes are in 3D, some featuring giant sharks are animated in 5D for a shock effect.

After a stroll through scenic Old Town, “Dali VS Warhol- art, music, film” exhibition awaits at The Palace of Culture and Science. While comparing the two artistic geniuses, curators will exhibit more than 100 works of each artist, with some of them being shown to the public for the first time.

Moscow, Russia

While anyone will agree there isn’t a bad time to visit Moscow, there is something special about traveling during the picturesque months of September, October and November. Besides the regular points of interest for tourists, such as the Red Square, Kremlin or Gorky Park, during the fall Moscow offers numerous additional attractions. One of the most well known fall events in the open is International festival Circle of Light. During the last week of September, Moscow’s most famous buildings such as Bolshoi Theater and Moscow State University are turned into a canvas for digital and visual artists. Using creative projections, lasers, light and fire, artists from all over the world will showcase images, films and animations throughout Moscow.

For those more fond of games than arts, Moscow will be hosting the annual exhibition festival of computer and video games called Igromir during the last week of September. And since video games and cosplay often go hand in hand, additional event known as Comic Con Russia is scheduled during the same days for a full effect.

When it comes to fine arts, September and October are among the best months to visit Moscow, as record number of exhibitions of renowned artists are always held in this period. For the fall 2017., the city of Moscow has prepared over one hundred exhibitions, with a few that stand out. Those certainly worth visiting are “Drawings by Klimt and Schiele from the collection of Albertina Museum” in Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, and “Art Show of El Lissitzky” in Tretyakov Gallery.

Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Second largest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina known for its numerous parks and gardens, Banja Luka may not be the most obvious choice for a fall trip, but being unconventional only makes it even more interesting. After paying a visit to the ancient Kastel Fortress built by the Romans in 3rd century and strolling through large city park “Mladen Stojanović”, there are many cultural events around the city to choose from. One of the best known events on a national level is the Researcher’s Night, a series of free workshops in different areas of science delivered over the course of one night. They are hosted by professionals and students of engineering, chemistry, mathematics and physics for children and young people who want to learn in a creative way or simply see some cool experiments.

Another major fall event in Banja Luka is BanjalukAnima, an international festival of animated film. While animation industry in Banja Luka has its beginnings in the late 1960’s, this festival has been established only ten years ago. Nevertheless, it has hosted some of the most successful animated European films over the past decade, and introduced many acclaimed foreign artists to local audience, including Jerzy Kucia, Cordell Barker and Priit Parn.

For those who are not particularly interested in science and prefer still images to moving ones, Museum of Modern Arts will be the place to go. One of the most acclaimed living British artists Grayson Perry will be exhibiting his “Vanity of Small Differences” tapestries from 7th September to 20th October. Known for his eccentric art style and alter ego Claire, Perry is considered to be one of the biggest cultural icons of Great Britain and was ranked number 32 on the list of “100 Most Powerful People in British Culture” by The Telegraph.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Besides being ranked as the third richest region of European Union by GPD per capita, Bratislava is also one of the most visited capitals in Europe. With its moderate continental climate, it is a perfect choice for fall traveling, as it isn’t too cold to walk around the city and go sightseeing. Except for its famed castles and elegant cathedrals, fall in Bratislava also offers a wide variety of cultural activities to enjoy, such as Bratislava Jazz Days festival and International Film Festival.

Founded in 1975. by Slovak jazz musicians as a small local festival, Bratislava Jazz Days has grown into one of the biggest festivals of modern jazz in the world. The panel of performers has grown each year, with more and more international musicians taking part in the festival. From 20th to 22nd October, 2017., Bratislava Jazz Days will present Ray Hargrove, two time Grammy winning jazz trumpeter as well as Cory Henry, Marcus Miller and many other notable names in the world of modern jazz.

Just as the Jazz Days end, another major cultural event in Bratislava starts. Packed with films starring world renowned actors from all over the world, International Film Festival Bratislava has previously honored actors such as Rade Šerbedžija, George Clooney and Charlotte Gainsbourg. This year, audience will be able to choose between almost one hundred films that will be shown during the festival.

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