More Show Stopping Vodka Desserts You Need To Try: Part 2

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Here comes part two, because let’s face it – Slavs love vodka and mixing vodka with desserts can produce some pretty awesome treats. If you haven’t read my post 6 Show Stopping Vodka Desserts, now would be a good time to do so. And if you’ve already read it, you’re probably curious to discover even more vodka dessert recipes. So without further ado, here they are.

Black Russian cake

When it comes to cocktails with vodka, my personal favorite is Black Russian. Chances are, I’m not the only one since it happens to be one of the most popular vodka cocktails on the planet. And guess what – Carroll at The Spruce Eats has adapted this famous drink into a bundt cake recipe packed with delicious Kahlua liquor and  tasty chocolate pudding.

Pro tip: Carroll’s recipe is suitable for lazy days and calls for instant pudding and dry cake mix. The hell with that crap! Go make some real food and get your hands dirty.

Cookies, cream & vodka cake

This particular vodka cake is a great way to combine booze, Oreos and the salty sticks from your childhood – you know, paluszki, soleti, solennye palochki, etc. The Moonblush Baker’s hearty recipe is anything but light, so thread carefully if you’re trying to watch your figure. It also calls for vanilla-flavored vodka, but since you’re Slav, you can just replace with the regular one.

Pro tip: If you can’t find any marshmallows (has anyone even seen those in Slavic countries?), you can browse the web for some easy, gooey marshmallow-like homemade creams.

Vodka milkshake with lavender and white chocolate

Lavender eases the nerves, vodka eases the sorrows and the idea of making a milkshake instead of a cake eases the horrors of having to prepare a dessert on a lazy day. The Floating Kitchen’s vodka milkshake with culinary lavender and white chocolate is prepared with lots of ice cream, which doubles the fun.

Pro tip: If you can’t find commercially available culinary lavender, you can make your own. All types of lavender are edible, but you’ll need to carefully dry the flower buds, grind them finely and if necessary, mix them with some sugar and citrus zest prior to cooking with them.

Vodka strawberry sorbet

Sorbets are among the easiest and most fail-proof desserts on the planet. They are also healthier than store-bought ice cream and you can modify them however you want. Tesco’s official website offers a different take on traditional sorbets made with strawberries, basil (yeap, tomatoes and cheese aren’t the only things basil is suitable for) and vodka.

Pro tip: As you probably know, vodka doesn’t freeze or at least it won’t do so in your freezer. If you want your sorbet to freeze, don’t overdo the vodka portion and follow the recipe’s instructions.

Vodka tiramisu

Due to its slight tartness, the tiramisu isn’t to everyone’s liking. However, if you’re a tiramisu fan, you should definitely give the Olive Magazine’s recipe a try. No-bake desserts like the tiramisu aren’t fussy in general and this one doesn’t require any Masterchef skills on your end.

Pro tip: Don’t attempt to replace the Lady Fingers biscuits with something else. You won’t get the biscuit layers’ traditional spongy texture with substitutes.

Carrot cake with vodka

If you haven’t heard about it before, the carrot cake is a sweet cake made with grated carrots. And no, it doesn’t taste like carrots at all. Heather from All Roads Lead To The Kitchen has a twist on this centuries-old dessert that comes in the shape of bite-sized carrot cake bars.

Pro tip: Heather has used cake-flavored vodka, but the dessert on its own is so sweet that if you add flavorless traditional vodka you won’t be able to mess it up.

Hungry for more vodka recipes? Check out some of the best vodka cocktails ever invented for some additional inspiration. Cheers!

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