6 Show Stopping Vodka Desserts You Need To Try

Cakes and Vodka merged in one? Perfection…

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If you thought cooking with vodka starts and ends with your babushka’s vodka-tomato sauce, you’re in for a treat! There’s nothing better than sharing a homecooked meal with family and friends over a shot of vodka… apart from sneakily using this worldwide popular beverage inside the actual food. And when it comes to cooking with vodka some of the best dishes you can serve are desserts. Here are a total of 6 show-stopping vodka desserts to help you up your cooking game and impress Slavs and non-Slavs alike.

1. Apple Vodka Omelet Flambe

This is a fool-proof vodka dessert that doesn’t require any superhuman cooking skills. All you really need is to raid your pantry for essentials like apples, oil, sugar, salt and cinnamon – and vodka, of course. Find the full recipe on John Rose’s website – the guy who has devoted an entire book to cooking with vodka! Beautifully simplistic and truly satisfying, this apple vodka omelet flambe will make you seem like the next Masterchef winner – as long as you don’t set the kitchen on fire. Make sure any flammable objects are out of reach and you have a fireproof lid just in case. The safest way to flambe a dessert for the first time is to do it outside.

Pro tip:  if you’ve never flambed anything before, keep in mind the flame will rise high and might be startling at first, but it will go out on its own in just a few seconds.

2. Cake Vodka Milkshake

For those of you who prefer consuming vodka the way most Slavs do, a.k.a. drinking it, here’s a fun, super tasty and fast option – cake vodka milkshake. Developed by Jacqueline at Yummly, this recipe couldn’t become any simpler even if it tried to. It’s by far the easiest vodka dessert you’ll ever find and if you don’t feel like cooking, it’s just the thing you need.

Pro Slav tip: use the old-school non-flavored natural vodka. Who needs the amateur stuff when you already have ice cream and whipped cream topping for sweetness?

3. White Russian Vodka Cake

This vodka cake is the ultimate way to boost those White Russians in a truly show-stopping way that everyone around you will appreciate. It’s also one of the best things you can whip up on your cheat day. Check out the full ingredients and directions for the White Russian cake on NDTV Food’s website and make sure to save a piece for yourself because nobody around you will be able to resist this vodka-licious dessert.

Pro Slav tip: this classy and comforting vodka dessert is best complimented with… a Black Russian cocktail, of course!

4. Vodka Pie Crust

Because cooking desserts with Marsala isn’t how true Slavs do it. If you’re one of those people who prefer making their own pie dough instead of using store-bought stuff, then you definitely have to give this vodka pie crust technique a try. Meghan from The Kitchn has drafted a fool-proof tutorial on how to make your own pie crust with vodka from start to finish.

Pro tip: don’t be afraid to try out this recipe if you’ve never made your own dough before. Using vodka actually makes rolling it out easier and helps the mixture spread more evenly when you’re baking it.

5. Chocolate Vodka Cupcakes With Raspberry Filling

Here’s the ultimate way to ace the vodka dessert challenge! Give the classic chocolate raspberry cupcake a Slav upgrade by using The Food Network’s step-by-step tutorial. Their recipe features vodka in the creamy filling, as well as in the soft sponge. And if you really want to boost this mouth-watering vodka dessert’s alcoholic contents, just add a few drops in the icing too.

Pro tip: Don’t limit yourself to chocolate raspberry cupcakes and experiment with flavors. Vodka made from peaches or grapes can be an outstanding addition to any fruity cupcake.

6. Orange Vanilla Cheesecake With Vodka And Ricotta

Last, but not least, is a classic dessert anyone can make at home – a tasty cheesecake. Chowhound’s recipe calls for a baked cheesecake and includes vodka only in the orange jam topping. However, you can use vodka when preparing a no bake cheesecake too.

Pro tip: whether you’re using ricotta, cream cheese or mascarpone, don’t ever pour the vodka into the cheese straight from the bottle. Instead, pour the evaporated vodka syrup/ jam over the cheese after both mixtures have had enough time to cool down separately.


Part 2 with 6 new vodka dessert recipes is available here.

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