Slavic Countries Standard of Life?

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If you are considering moving to another country, whether for work, study, retirement or just because you like it, you should be aware that the cost of living is not the same as in your country. If you move abroad to study or enjoy retirement, you probably have a constant source of money that you receive at home. In this case all you need to know is how is your designated country in comparison with your current one, in terms of prices.

Czech linguist and mathematician Jakub Marian made them, so let’s take a look how Slavs stand as far as money goes:

How to understand the map? Imagine you are currently living in Germany (whose index is of 100) and you spend 2,000 euros a month. If you move the puck to Norway (index 153) again, you must spend 53% more, while in Moldova with an index of 37 had to spend only 740 euros a month.

Where are Slavs here? Slavic countries are in category of “low-cost countries” for which you need smaller amounts, like average of 900 euros a month for basic living expenses.

If, however, you move to another state in order to get there and work, the first map is not worth more because the price of labor is the main thing that is changing. For example, if each month in Germany you spend 2,000 euros and move to Bulgaria, there you would have had to spend only 1,000 euros for the same food products.

Would you leave your country or stay in it now?

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