5 Places You Should Visit In Saint Petersburg

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Once the centre of the whole country, right now Saint Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities not only in Russia but the entire continent. With its amazing architecture, location (it is built on hundreds of islands) and cultural life, Saint Petersburg is indeed worth visiting once. But to capture the real essence of this city, you need to know where to go and what to see.

For this reason, today we are sharing a list of 5 must-visit places in this beautiful city. We are almost sure that after spending some time in there, you will be able to say, that you saw the real Petersburg!

Art Hotel Rachmaninov

Let’s begin with the hotel where you can actually both stay at and enjoy beautiful art! The Rachmaninov Art Hotel can be proud of its significant art pieces, and luxury everyone will fall in love instantly. This hotel used to be the childhood home of a renowned Russian pianist, composer, and artist Sergei Rachmaninov, who was a huge fan of Romanticism in classical music. Therefore, here you might get the best glance how aristocrats used to live in Russia and what type of art used to be made back then as well. Book hotels either around this incredible place, or work hard to get a night here, and try out Russian aristocrats’ bed for a night or two!

Nevsky Prospect Neighborhood

Another must-visit place in Saint Petersburg is unquestionably the Nevsky Prospect. Many locals and tourists will always recommend you having a slow stroll down this beautiful street, and let us explain to you why. First of all, the prospect is considered being the social and cultural heart of the city, entirely covered with restaurants, cafes, and bars, cultural hotspots and events. Moreover, the prospects architecture (which dates back to the 18 century) will be worth admiring as well. You won’t even notice the circles you will be doing admiring every piece on buildings in there. Trust us!

Summer Garden at the Russian Museum

If you happen to arrive in Saint Petersburg in summer, you just have to visit its Summer Garden located in the Russian Museum. And even if you travel here at any other part of the year, it is still worth stopping by. The biggest park in the city will amaze you with its tree-flanked alleys found before the central fountains and the 18th-century marble effigies which are, without any doubt, park’s loveliest highlights. Here you should also spend some time exploring other parts of this vast garden, such as the Engineering Gardens, Mikhailovsky Gardens, Summer Palace shining with gold, and the austere House of Peter the Great.

Erarta Contemporary Art Museum and Gallery

Let’s back up a bit from fantastic city’s history and its heritage, and let’s learn a bit about contemporary Saint Petersburg in its Art Museum and Gallery. The Gallery is proud of the biggest collection of artwork that is funded privately and lets every visitor enjoy many fantastic religious and politically defying works. Every year, the museum hosts a new exhibition where both famous and aspiring national and international artists get a chance to show off their best works. Right now, 2,200 works from 250-plus artists are part of the museum, but the collection is growing rapidly fast.

Grand Peterhof Palace and Grand Cascade

And let’s finish the list with outstanding Grand Peterhof Palace! This breathtakingly luxurious building is one of the most important sites for the whole city and its history. Often called as the “Russian Versailles” this architectural ensemble indeed has a lot of similarities with the one located in France. Established by Peter the Great in the 18th century, the main attractions are the astonishing Bolshoi Dvorets (Grand Palace) fronted by Bolshoi Kaskad (Grand Cascade) and a huge row of fountains leading towards the Baltic Sea. We bet that walking in here will take your breath away within a second, best thing is you can book your stay just few hundred meters from this landmark.

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