Slavic Neopagans In Modern Times – Are They Dangerous To Christianity?

Do the centuries old clashes of faiths still live in our society?

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Let’s be honest – that’s a difficult and complex topic. The Slavic Native Faith is a continuation of a polytheistic religion, much older than Christianity. The gods and goddess of Slavic lands, rivers, households, and desolation were well-known when the Christianity was a newbie in these lands. However, as the history proved, the religion developed more than 2,000 years ago became so dominant that it marginalized the old faith.

Because the topic is so full of different aspects, his article talks about the relationship between the Slavic Native Faith practitioners and Christians. The author decided not to include any other religion in this article.

How Slavic Faith practitioners see Christianity?

Many of them reject Christianity. Just like that. They usually represent the anti-Christian point of view. Moreover, they consider Christianity as a religion responsible for destroying human morality. The Slavic Native Faith or the Rodnovery is classified as a modern pagan religion with historical roots. Although Christianity hoped to become the only religion in Europe, Slavic religion (similarly to Norse or Celtic), has never been completely interrupted after the official adoption of Christianity by Slavic regions between the 9th and the 12th centuries.

However, the Eastern Slavic Spirituality put an impact on the Eastern Orthodox Church. For many centuries something called „double belief” was well-developed, it was very popular especially in Russia. There is even a saying that applies to Russia, but also the other Slavic regions „it was baptized, but it was never Christianised”.Is it true? It’s hard to believe it, but in some ways yes. Slavic countries are full of the local stories, beliefs, sayings related to pre-Christian period, etc. These things are the evidence to the „double belief” that keeps alive in our households. Of course, there are also the followers who fully rejected other religions and follow the path of the Slavic Native Faith.

Why is Christianity so afraid of Slavic Native Faith?

It is hard to understand this topic. However, it seems to be risky to tell that they are afraid of what they don’t understand. The symbolism often used by the „pagans” is believed to have magical power, rejected by Christians. For example, a few years ago in Polish Roman Catholic churches appeared posters with the symbol related to Satanism and other bad practices. Some of them were related to Slavic culture. The magical aspects of native religions scare Christianity around the world. It seems that they imagine pagans as a people who practice black magic and worship satan.

During the last two millennia of destruction all the religious systems that could attract some potential followers of Christianity, they hoped to win with all of the old gods. Their existence seems to be dangerous to the vision of the world. Sadly, the current Christian doctrine often stays focused on the differences, instead of similarities. The discrimination caused by the fear of the misunderstood native beliefs seems to be overwhelming. The number of the issues related to native faith aspects that influenced Christianity is huge, and it is hard to believe that this problem will be solved in the near future.

As Ratomir Wilkowski, a 40-year-old IT specialist from Warsaw and member of the Rodzimy Kościół Polski native faith church said to “We are not a bunch of weirdos running around the forest half-naked. If we didn’t believe with all our hearts, we wouldn’t be organizing in religious groups.”

However, most of the Christians see it differently. What’s even worse, they don’t see the links between these two religious systems. Finally, they don’t notice that the ones who come and destroy the temples of the other faiths have never been pagans.

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