Slovenians Declared Having Access To Drinkable Water Is a Human Right

Free water for everybody, no more bottled water with price tags?

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Slovenia has officially declared with a new amendment that having access to drinkable water is a human right. This announcement was made following a vote by the Slovenian parliament who voted in favor of the law that prevents the country’s water sources from being commercialized. According to recent reports, Prime Minister Miro Cerar described water as “the 21st century’s liquid gold” reports svoboda.

The new Article 70A of the constitution stipulates that every citizen of Slovenia has the right to drinkable water, which is deemed as a public good managed exclusively by the state.

“Everyone has the right to drinkable water,” Slovenia’s constitution reads. “Water resources represent a public good managed by the state. Water resources are primary and durably used to supply citizens with potable water and households with water and, in this sense, are not a market commodity.”

The Slovenian state plans to manage water resources through the local communities, which would require additional laws to make sure the amendment is fully respected.

He said, “As it will gradually become a more valuable commodity in the future, pressure over it will increase and we must not give in.”

The initiative to adopt the amendment actually originated from the Civilian Initiative for Slovenia and Freedom (Civilna iniciativa za Slovenijo in svobodo), which hailed parliament’s vote and deemed the move as its own victory.

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