Stalin’s Seven Sisters – Mystical City’s Legends About Seven USSR Skyscrapers

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There are a lot of mystical stories and city’s legends about Stalin’s seven Skyscrapers which are also called Stalins Seven Sisters. These legendary buildings were built in the 1950s under the influence of the American skyscrapers boom of the 1910s-1930s. They can truly be called masterpieces of monumental Stalinist architecture and a living memory of the USSR. All of the buildings had a common splendor, luxury, and grandeur to them.

Here are some interesting facts about Seven Sisters:

1) The original project presupposed the tallest building to be of 32 floors height. But in the process of construction was decided to make all the skyscrapers higher. For example, the Moscow State University became a 36 floors building, and the Hilton Leningradskaya Hotel totaled 26 floors, though the plan was to build only 16 floors. The building of Foreign Ministry that is situated on Smolenskaya street has grown by 11 floors. Then the spire was built on it, which was not foreseen in the original project.

2) After Stalin’s death the architect Minkus, who was building the Foreign Ministry building, claimed Khrushchev to remove the spire, because it was not in the original project. According to legend, Khrushchev refused to do that. He wanted the spire to become “a monument to the Comrade Stalin’s great folly”.

3) Originally the building of Lomonosov Moscow State University was supposed to be a hotel.

4)According to the legend, in the original project of Moscow State University, architects planned to erect a crowned statue of Lomonosov or Stalin himself. Students still tell this legend of the bronze statue of the Leader, walled in the basement. In fact, the project was simply changed, the statue was replaced on a spire, and Lomonosov, considerably reduced in size, was placed as a monument near the university walls.

5) Until 1990, the building of Moscow State University was the highest in Europe.

6) Hotel “Ukraine” (now Radisson Blu) is also an apartment house. The hotel situated in the central part, and the apartments are in the side buildings.

7) The living apartments on the Kotelnicheskaya Embankment appears in more than 16 movies.

8) Hotel “Leningradskaya” is the shortest of seven skyscrapers but it has the most luxurious interior in the Moscow Baroque style.

9) Today the apartments in Stalin’s skyscrapers cost at least 1 million $ for a one-room apartment.

10) According to the conspiracy theory the Stalin skyscrapers were built in a special geometric order. And in the center of the figure formed by the “Stalin’s sisters” was to be the Palace of Soviets.

11) They were the world’s most costly towers built in those times.

12) The highest building by the project was the building of Soviets crowned by the statue of Lenin but it was not destined to be realized.

13) The Seven Sisters have siblings in European capitals. One can see them in Warsaw (the Palace of Culture and Science), Prague (Hotel International), Kiev (Hotel Ukraine) and Bucharest (House of the Free Press).

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