Stalker’s Paradise: Ukrainian Captures The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone In Infrared Photography, Looks Even More Surreal

Ghost city seen in infrared photography makes it looks like some radioactive ghouls will pop up and attack you anytime soon

Scared of ghost towns? Wait that you see one rendered in infrared! Pripyat is a ghost town in Ukraine, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as a monument to the most terrible nuclear catastrophe in world history. Pripyat thanks to this catashrophe has turned into one of the most mentioned towns in popular culture from games, movies, memes, news and all sorts of medie, basically we have already seen him many times, but never before in such an unusual form. Vladimir Migutin is a photographer that decided to do something different, he specializing in infrared photography and used that on his Chernobyl tour. He too a 2-day trip to the exclusion zone of Chernobyl and used 590-nm infrared filter from Kolari Vision.

The remains of the No.4 reactor building were enclosed in a large cover which was named the “Object Shelter”. It is often known as the sarcophagus, with the purpose of reducing the spread of the remaining radioactive dust and debris from the wreckage and the protection of the wreckage from further weathering. It took 7,000 tons of metal structures and 400,000 meters of cubic mixtures of concrete. And in order for the territory to be completely disinfected, more than 90,000 cubic meters of soil were removed. More info: Kolari VisionInstagram, h/t:(designyoutrust)

“We always hear praises of the might of Mother Nature, how it renders useless mans’ creations, and bears life above the ruins. Well, it’s something that is always felt, but never on such a huge scale. This place IS the place for these contrasts. It’s pretty hard to describe the overall atmosphere I experienced during this trip. Despite the events of 1986, the ruins, and the rust, I didn’t have grim feelings while traveling there. On the contrary, it felt like I was in a “kind of” paradise on a different planet,” says Vladimir.

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