Take a look at these surreal photos by a Croatian digital artist

Even Blizzard employed him because of this awesomeness

Split, Croatia – Toni Bratincevic aka Intercepto was born in Split and spent most of his early years in Croatia. He’s a self-taught digital artist that started his career in Croatia doing 3D animation for commercials. He’s currently working for Blizzard Entertainment, famous for making the Warcraft series, the Diablo series, the StarCraft series, MMORPG World of Warcraft, as well as the multiplayer first-person shooter Overwatch.

His themes are mostly dystopian SciFi-inspired but some of the images are also inspired by his childhood and everyday life, such as “16-bit Memories” and “Level 10”.

1. After The Rain

2. Age of vultures

3. 16-bit Memories

5. Slow Decay

6. Dawn of balance

7. Fall

8. Tesla

9. Level 10

Which one is your favorite?

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