The List of The Most Beautiful Castles of Ukraine

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The castles in Ukraine are quite hard to find. As a rule they are situated away from the beaten tourist track, in some small towns or even villages, many of them need renovation but that is also part of their charm in the fact that these architectural monuments stayed untouched for so many years. Whilst in other countries the majority of beautiful castles are turned into private homes, the entrance to many of them costs money and they are, for the most part equipped with all the facilities you can think of – paid toilets, souvenir shops, ice-cream vans and so on.

In Ukraine you can often find a castle that stands lonely on a hill, you climb up it and you feel like you went back in time by at least a century. You just have to use your imagination. So if you feel like this is your type of attraction here is a list of the most beautiful castles of Ukraine.

Podgoretski castle


This castle stands out among the rest of the buildings. You might even forget that you are in Ukraine and think that you are somewhere in France or Austria where the best example of Renaissance architecture may be found. Podgoretski castle is believed to be haunted. People say that the ghost of the owner’s wife is still living there. It can’t go beyond its walls because the husband walled his wife up alive! You can find the castle and find out the truth yourself. Go to the village of Podgoritsy in the East of the Lviv region. It is open every day until 16.30 except Mondays.

Kamenets – Podolski castle


This castle is popular not only among Ukrainians but also among foreigners. Although it is situated in a small town called Kamenets – Podolski, the castle is the main sight of the town and many foreign tourists come to visit it just for that reason. The castle was being built for many centuries and say many different owners come and go. Some historians claim that it was built during the Kiev Rus! However the first time the castle was mentioned was in 1374. Nowadays it is one of the most well-kept castles of Ukraine. It is open for visitors every day until 7pm.

Radomysl castle


This is a unique castle. It is the only castle in the world that stands on a non human-made base. Instead it was built on a natural platform that was formed during the Paleolithic age. Nowadays it is a private property and the only museum of hand-painted icons is organised inside. If you want to visit this castle it is open from Wednesday to Sunday until 7pm.

Olesskiy castle


This is one of the oldest castles of Ukraine. It was built in the XIII century, ruined after many invasions, earthquakes and fires and rebuilt and renovated recently. At the moment this castle is open to tourists and a part of the Lviv art gallery. There are many interesting stories and facts about the castle which you will definitely here if you decide to visit it. For example, it’s a fact that the father of Bohdan Khmelnitski served in the castle for some time and that the king of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth called Yan III Sobeski was born there. It is open every day until 5pm or 6pm on the Weekend. To get more information about visiting options you should call this number: +380 3264 25193.

Sharovski castle

On the Eastern side of Ukraine you may also found some beautiful castles. One of the most famous ones is Sharovski castle. It is situated in the Kharkiv region. it was built in the XIX century by Pavel Olkhovski on the bank of the river Merchik. The castle is situated in the middle of a beautiful park also open for visitors. The second owner of the castle, the sugar magnate Leopold Kuning made the castle even more mysterious by adding some gothic elements to its architecture. There is a legend that he didn’t like the way the roofs of poor people looked out of his window. So he ordered to send them all off to the far East. Poor people didn’t stay there long, they came back and rebuilt their village but far from the castle this time. This explains the existence of two villages with the same name in the same region. So be sure to choose the correct one if you plan to visit this castle. It is situated in the village called Sharovka to the West of Kharkiv. You can make a picnic in the park so taking some food with you might be a good idea.

Different castles represent different parts of history, different architectural styles, they all have their own stories to tell and unique atmosphere. The castles mentioned in this article are just a small part of all the variety of castles and forts that can be found in Ukraine. If you decide to visit some of them make sure to make some research on how to get to these places. The majority of them are not easy to get to by public transport and it will be difficult to find a hotel near them. Plan your trip carefully and I am sure you’ll enjoy it.

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