The Most Interesting Museums Of Ukraine Not Many People Heard Of

More and more interesting and unique museums appear in Ukraine…

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What is the first thought that comes to your head when you hear the word “museum”? You probably imagine a room with some artifacts in it, skeletons of different ancient animals, some archaeological finds, maybe pieces of art or furniture? These are the standard museums that can be found in any place in the world. But recently the total concept of museums started to change. More and more interesting and unique museums appear all over the world and some of them show items that people just fifty years ago couldn’t imagine to see in such a place as a museum. So let’s look at the most interesting and unique museums of Ukraine.

The museum of Hutsul magic

Hutsul are the local people who live in the Carpathian mountains near the Hungarian border. They differ quite a lot from the rest of Ukrainians. They have their own dialect which is not always easily understood, they have their own traditions, customs and even their own magicians called Molfars.

It is believed that these magicians could influence the weather, talk to animals and control nature. According to the information we have there are none of them left. Unfortunately the last Molfar Mikhail Nechay died in 2011 but their relatives who are alive now still hold a lot of artifacts used by Mofars. Many of them donated these items to the museum.

For example, here you can see a magical staff that can bring people back together in case they argued, a knife that can break the clouds, a special instrument called “drymba” that tunes the energetics field around the person on and many other strange and interesting things. A guide will tell you everything about the old spells, ingredients andmagic rituals that will help to make your life better and happier.

If you want to visit this unusual museum you have to agree with the guide in advance otherwise the museum might be closed. The address is: Verkhovina village, street Zhabievski Potok 33-A. Telephone number: 067-928-07-94 Price: 25hrn including the excursion.

The museum of Pysanka

Pysanka is the traditional Easter egg that is decorated during Easter time and is believed to bring prosperity and happiness into the family. All families in Ukraine decorate eggs differently therefore a museum has been created to show other people different ways of decorating, dying and coloring eggs.

First of all you will be surprised by the shape of the museum building itself as it is made in the shape of a huge egg decorated with traditional Ukrainian ornaments. Inside the museum you will find about 6000 different eggs decorated in different styles and coming from different centuries. Among others you will be able to find pysankis with the signatures of some famous people of Ukraine.

You can find this museum at the town Kolomyja, street Chornovola 43Б. It works from Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 to 18.00. You can find more information on the official website of the museum:

The Wedding museum

Do you know how different weddings look in different countries? Imagine that now you have the chance to be a guest at a traditional Ukrainian wedding that will look exactly the same as centuries ago! It is not a standard tour around a museum. Here every person that comes to the museum is a guest at the wedding. You can touch everything you see, you can even eat traditional Ukrainian bread baked especially for the wedding. The most important item in the museum is an ancient wedding dress from 1926! This dress was actually worn to the wedding by one of the villagers many years ago.

It is quite hard to get to this museum. It is situated in the village Velikije Budishe, the closest biggest city is Poltava. To find the museum and the village you will probably need your own transport. It is also necessary to inform the museum about your plans to visit it as it opens only upon agreement. You have to call the number +380 66 817 0078 to contact the museum.

The museum of Ukrainian medicine

This museum is situated in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. That’s why it’s much easier and more accessible than the rest of the museums mentioned above. It is also one of the biggest medicine museum in Europe! Here you will be able to see how the medicine changed through the centuries. It’s been operating for over 40 years and became popular among Ukrainians.

In the museum you will be able to see ancient pills, plants that were believed to have healing properties, rooms with statues that will bring you back to centuries ago and make you feel like you are in an ancient hospital. Of course, back than there was no such thing as hospital so it looks like a small house of one person in the village who was well known for their healing knowledge of different plants growing in the local area which you can read about at the museum too.

As you can see the majority of these small unique museums are far away from the main tourist routes of Ukraine. But it is a great opportunity to understand the Ukrainian culture better and to get closer to the Ukrainian history and traditions. Do you know any interesting and unique museums in your country? Share them with the other readers in the comments below this article!

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