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When visiting a foreign city, one of the most challenging tasks is using your time efficiently, which among other things means visiting the right places and avoiding the wrong ones. When it comes to bars and restaurants, many travelers crave an unusual experience they may not be able to experience elsewhere. Since Slavs are known for their friendly and outgoing mentality, it is no wonder there are thousands of bars in every major Slavic capital. However, some of them have more going for themselves than their competition, whether it’d be interesting history, outstanding offer or simply unusual design.

Kot Shrodingera, Moscow

Created in a former bomb shelter in the Bolshaya Dimitrovka in Moscow, Kot Shrodingera is a unique and highly eclectic bar. With interior design related to its past, this bar has a rough industrial feel to it, but also old lamps, letters and military objects. The entrance is not visibly marked in any way, with the door to this bar being a simple metal door leading underground. Here, you can find snacks and experimental cocktails, as well as various alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. The price range is similar to most of the other bars of this type in Moscow, but the experience of visiting Kot Schrodingera is like no other. Relics of the past successfully fused with modern design and style, as well as a regular performances by Moscow’s top DJ’s are just two of many reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on this place.

Pivovarsky Klub, Prague

A one of a kind brewery and bar where you can try over 200 kinds of beer, whether Czech in origin, or perhaps imported from Germany, U.K, Belgium and many other countries. A must visit location for all beer lovers, Pivovarsky Klub was founded in 2005 and is located at Krizikova 17 in Prague. Slightly rustic, but not at all conservative decor perfectly matches the spirit of Prague and its beer related tradition and history. The intent behind founding a Klub and its general policy can be found in the words of its owners, ‘ There are many places where they offer hundreds of different kinds of food and just one beer. We have established this restaurant where you can have hundreds of beers to choose from. ‘

Zil Verne, Bratislava

A craft beer drinker’s dream in the heart of Bratislava, Zil Verne is certainly one of the most popular bars for the younger crowd, both locals and tourists. With special tasting deals, you can try many different kinds of craft beer, either from tap or bottled at a very reasonable price. Of course, there are delicious snacks that come with the beer, such as pickles, peppers and various sauces. With a charming and slightly quirky interior that is characteristic for many bars in Bratislava, Zil Verne is very European but still obviously Slovakian. Although its menu has more on it than just beers, craft beer lovers will undoubtedly benefit the most from a visit to Zil Verne.

Mac Tire Pub, Banja Luka

Located in the center of Banja Luka, Mac Tire Pub is a classic Irish pub and one of the most popular venues for city crowd of all ages. With its wooden interior, leather seating and a large menu of drinks and food, Mac Tire also often hosts local rock and alternative bands. When it comes to drinks, it’s worth mentioning you can try over 40 types of beer at Mac Tire, along with numerous varieties of whiskey. Located in the most central location in the city, Mac Tire can be quite crowded on a Friday and Saturday night, but otherwise it is a great place to enjoy yourself without overbearing crowds and noise. Prices are typical for a pub, and are quite similar to other pubs in the city. A larger than average offering of beers can be found here, with dishes that are somewhat regular and meat based. However, when it comes to what you can get for your money, Mac Tire is probably the most promising bar in Banja Luka.

PiwPaw BeerHeaven, Warsaw

Living up to its BeerHeaven name, PiwPaw is truly a bar where there are more beers than you can try in a night. With modern design and youthful touch, PiePaw is at top of every must do list when it comes to visiting Warsaw. At reasonable prices, this place is not only made for tourists, but is actually frequently visited by locals. Known for its friendly staff, you can count on help and guidance when it comes to choosing your beer of choice in PiePaw. After all, it is quite necessary considering how many possible choices there are. Since it is one of the most popular spots in Warsaw, it can get quite busy at evenings, especially around weekend. However, reservations are available and it may not be a bad option if you’re in Warsaw for a short time and don’t want to miss on the PiePaw BeerHeaven experience.

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